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Severe penalties apply when drivers' BACs are high

In Virginia and many other states throughout the nation, a person is considered to be driving while under the influence of alcohol if their blood alcohol concentration is at or above .08 percent. But, the laws surrounding DUI can be significantly more complex. It is important to understand that this is a threshold level. Those facing DUI charges could face a more specific driving crime: aggravated drunk driving based on an elevated blood alcohol concentration.

Drunk driving charges are common during the holiday season

One of the best parts of winter is getting to celebrate a variety of fun and family-centered holidays. Even when bad weather plagues the greater Manassas community, residents can still look forward to good times with good people as Christmas, New Year's and other celebrations come up on their calendars.

Possible defenses for drunk driving charges

As with other criminal charges, drunk driving crimes can often be challenged through different defense strategies. In Virginia, there are a variety of defenses that may help individuals facing DUI, DWI and other drunk driving charges to either mitigate or eliminate their outstanding legal matters. This post will touch on several possible defenses that individuals may use to face drunk driving charges, but readers are asked to discuss appropriate defense strategies for their cases with their criminal defense lawyers.

What are the consequences for a DUI conviction in Virginia?

Drunk driving is considered a crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For that reason, individuals who are charged with allegedly operating their motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol and drugs can face serious legal penalties if they are convicted of the alleged crimes. This post will briefly introduce the penalties for first and second DUI convictions in Virginia. Readers who have questions about their pending drunk driving charges should speak with criminal defense attorneys who can advise them of their rights and options.

Back-to-school parties may lead to drunk driving arrests

It is that time of year again when the campuses of Virginia's fine colleges and universities begin to awake with new life. Students are beginning to arrive at their institutions of higher learning, professors are finalizing their class syllabi and retailers are stocking up on college gear for the upcoming terms. August and September can be some exciting months in the lives of young people arriving back at their schools after summers away. They can also times when young adults celebrate with those they have not seen since the prior academic year.

Police plan DUI checkpoint in Fairfax County

Many suspected DUI and DWI stops are performed when Virginia law enforcement officials believe that drivers are operating their motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. When they encounter suspected drunk drivers police officers may pursue them, stop them, and subject them to sobriety tests that challenge their balance and coordination or that provide data on their levels of intoxication through the collection of breath, blood, and urine samples.

Virginia’s DUI implied consent law, related laws have changed

Hundreds of new laws took effect on July 1 in Virginia, including a few relating to drunk driving. You may have heard that beer delivery is now legal, as are some higher-proof alcoholic beverages. It’s also newly legal to carry open containers of alcohol in “commercial lifestyle centers,” which are large, pedestrian friendly retail areas in physically integrated outdoor settings. In other words, you may be able to carry a margarita and shop at Stony Point Fashion Park in the near future.

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