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What is forcible sodomy when charged with sex offenses?

Any Virginia resident who is confronted with rape, child molestation or any other allegation related to sex crimes should know that the legal penalties are harsh. These criminal allegations go beyond the possibility of jail time, fines and the need to register as a sex offender. It can impact a person's life forever and prevent them from getting certain types of employment, being admitted to a school and even living in a preferred location. These charges are serious and when there is an arrest it is important to know how to present a defense.

Girl, 12, faces criminal allegations after fight at school

In Manassas, throughout Virginia and anywhere across the nation, children will get into disagreements with other children. This can happen at school, in the park or anywhere where they are together. Frequently, even a dispute that gets physical will not result in any injuries and there is no need to call law enforcement to investigate the incident and perhaps make an arrest. However, some incidents are serious enough that there will be an allegation of assault.

What are criminal charges for conspiracy for larceny or trespass?

In Virginia, if there are charges for trespass or larceny, it is a natural assumption that those who are charged will be the individuals who are accused of committing the act. However, there are others who can be charged too. If there was a conspiracy to commit the crime, people who took part in the planning can be arrested and charged as well. Understanding the law for conspiracy in this context is imperative to the criminal defense.

What are the penalties for reckless gun crimes in Virginia?

Most Virginians are responsible gun owners. Many have firearms for protection or hunting. However, while gun crimes are frequently categorized as being committed by people who are involved in robberies and other illegal activities, even those who have firearms legally can face allegations of wrongdoing. The statement "protect your rights" has never been truer than it is for those who are not taking part in criminal acts but find themselves confronted by allegations of illegal behavior with firearms. In these cases, having legal assistance is key.

Manassas man accused of sex offenses at party

Manassas residents accused of sex offenses must understand the ramifications of the allegations. Not only will they face an extensive jail sentence, fines and more, but they will also need to register as a sex offender after the sentence has been served. It can negatively impact every aspect of their lives from getting a job, to getting into a school and more.

Manassas man faces criminal charges for stealing deliveries

In Virginia, the penalties for a theft conviction can vary and largely depend on what was stolen, the circumstances, and the value of the items. When people are arrested, they might make various mistakes, such as speaking to law enforcement about the allegations, admitting to certain violations and more. In any situation where there is an arrest, those facing charges must remember that they have rights and must think about formulating a criminal defense to seek a positive outcome.

Can I face criminal charges in Virginia for drone use?

Technological advancements provide various diversions, hobbies and toys to Virginians and people across the country. This can be enjoyable and useful in a personal and professional context. However, legislators are putting laws in place to regulate how these items - especially drones and other unmanned aircraft systems - are dealt with if there is a violation. Those arrested and charged with violations of this law should remember that the charges can be serious.

Man faces criminal allegations for DUI and assaulting an officer

People can sometimes be combative when they are arrested and decide that they want to resist arrest. Any type of assault on a law enforcement officer will cause innumerable problems that must be addressed with a strong criminal defense.

What is identity theft and what are its penalties?

For those who are accused of identity theft, it is important to understand that the allegations can be serious with significant penalties if there is a conviction. Knowing exactly what constitutes identity theft is a key factor in lodging a strong defense and seeking a positive resolution.

Man faces criminal allegations for assault and property damage

In Manassas, there are often unusual criminal allegations that result in people being arrested and faced a litany of charges. Not every case is the same, though, which is why it is important for those who are charged to understand their rights and how to build a strong criminal defense. Some of the most complicated cases involve domestic disputes that spiral out of control, involve other people who had nothing to do with the situation, and escalate into property damage. For those dealing with police investigations into their behavior and an arrest, it is critical to call for a defense attorney immediately.

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