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Food delivery man accused of sex offenses and arrested

Food delivery is common in Virginia and people who work as delivery people are required to go to people's residences to bring them their order. For some, this can lead to various accusations of wrongdoing. One allegation that can be exceedingly problematic in a person's life is if they were accused of sex offenses. Whether it is outright rape or other sex-based crimes, the penalties can be severe if there is a conviction. Having a viable criminal defense is imperative and calling a legal professional who handles these cases is a must.

What is computer invasion of privacy?

Many Virginia residents might think criminal charges in the Commonwealth can only come about from theft, violence, destruction of property and other obviously illegal behaviors. However, a newly prominent criminal act that can lead to penalties that are as serious or worse are computer offenses. Everyone has heard about hacking into another person's computer, but few realize exactly how severe the penalties are in the criminal justice system for these types of computer invasion of privacy charges.

Criminal defense is crucial with violent crime allegations

Facing criminal allegations in Virginia can have a dramatic and long-lasting impact on a person's life. When the charges are for assault or other violent acts, those who are dealing with criminal accusations and the possible penalties will undoubtedly be fearful and have concerns as to what the future holds. There is a stigma with violent crimes and people who have a conviction on their record should think about how the situation can harm them not just personally, but professionally as well.

What are the penalties for gun crimes related to "brandishing"?

Gun crimes are treated with a growing seriousness in Virginia and across the nation. Although the Commonwealth takes pride in giving residents the freedom with guns as they are intended, there are still acts with weapons that can lead to criminal allegations. A person does not necessarily need to use a gun to be charged with criminal violations. If there are claims that a person pointed, held or "brandished" the firearm, or an object that appeared to be a firearm, there could be criminal charges and accompanying penalties.

Man arrested for drug crimes and assault on law enforcement

People who are accused of selling, distributing or trafficking in drugs will face arrest and the harshest penalties, but those who are charged with drug possession can also be arrested and convicted. Frequently, the circumstances will result in other charges that can result in severe consequences as well. After a drug-related arrest and when there are other criminal allegations, having a criminal defense strategy is imperative.

Men face criminal allegations for theft at Walmart

Being accused of theft in Virginia can emanate from a variety of incidents. It might be a person who was placing small items in their pockets and tried to walk out of a store, only to be accused of shoplifting. It can be a larger type of incident, such as stealing a motor vehicle or robbing a bank. Or, it could involve people who are alleged to have taken items from a large store and simply tried to walk out without paying. No matter the level of theft and the potential consequences that accompany a conviction, it is imperative to have a strong criminal defense to the charges.

Can you face criminal allegations for car racing in Virginia?

Drivers in Virginia will often make the mistake of thinking that street racing is not dangerous and law enforcement does not treat it as a serious violation. However, when there are allegations that a person was street racing, it can lead to penalties that can deprive them of their driving privileges. If another person is injured or killed during a race, there can be criminal charges that can result in fines and jail time, as well as a loss of driving privileges. When there are accusations and criminal allegations that street racing was taking place, it is important to understand these law.

What is forcible sodomy when charged with sex offenses?

Any Virginia resident who is confronted with rape, child molestation or any other allegation related to sex crimes should know that the legal penalties are harsh. These criminal allegations go beyond the possibility of jail time, fines and the need to register as a sex offender. It can impact a person's life forever and prevent them from getting certain types of employment, being admitted to a school and even living in a preferred location. These charges are serious and when there is an arrest it is important to know how to present a defense.

Girl, 12, faces criminal allegations after fight at school

In Manassas, throughout Virginia and anywhere across the nation, children will get into disagreements with other children. This can happen at school, in the park or anywhere where they are together. Frequently, even a dispute that gets physical will not result in any injuries and there is no need to call law enforcement to investigate the incident and perhaps make an arrest. However, some incidents are serious enough that there will be an allegation of assault.

What are criminal charges for conspiracy for larceny or trespass?

In Virginia, if there are charges for trespass or larceny, it is a natural assumption that those who are charged will be the individuals who are accused of committing the act. However, there are others who can be charged too. If there was a conspiracy to commit the crime, people who took part in the planning can be arrested and charged as well. Understanding the law for conspiracy in this context is imperative to the criminal defense.

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