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Virginia Senate passes bill addressing sexting penalties

Being accused of a crime is difficult, but facing criminal allegations when you are a juvenile could be life-altering. While juveniles typically face penalties that are not as harsh when compared to adult offenders, the consequences could hinder a juvenile's ability to get an education or obtain a job in the career field that they want. Because of this, the penalties for some crimes can alter over time.

Helping you initiate a criminal defense strategy

It can be overwhelming to be charged with a crime. Further, it can shocking to be arrested for a criminal allegation. Virginia residents might not know what to do in these situations, as they are sometimes numb from the emotions. Additionally, the accused may not be very optimistic in these matters since the evidence against them may be piling up. While it might seem like the state has a strong case against you, the evidence needs to be examined. Furthermore, there might be defense strategies available to poke holes in the prosecution's case.

Criminal defense lawyers are advocates for their clients' rights

The legal system is adversarial. Whether Virginia residents finds themselves in civil or criminal court, they will likely feel overwhelmed by the procedural and technical requirements that their cases will be subjected to as they move through the court system. They will have to come up with effective and truthful ways to present their case and they will have to potentially face punishment if they fail in their efforts. However, a failure in the civil courts may result in the imposition that the individual pays damages, while a failure in the criminal courts could deprive a person of their personal freedom.

A review of gun crime regulations in Virginia

Gun ownership is not unusual in Virginia, nor is it in the other 49 states of the nation. In fact, many Americans own guns to use for recreation, hunting and self-protection. In order for a person to legally own a gun there are a number of requirements that must be met. The failure to follow proper channels can result in a person facing serious gun crime charges.

A criminal conviction can damper the promise of the New Year

The holidays are a special time of year when Virginia residents may have a little more time off from work and may have opportunities to spend their days with the friends and family members who mean the world to them. Oftentimes, over meals and parties, individuals reacquaint themselves with individuals who have been important parts of their lives. However, from time to time, reunions of relations and former friends hash up old wounds and result in holiday conflicts.

Theft charges may be met with case-specific defenses

It is not uncommon for a Virginia resident to borrow an item of property from a neighbor and to have the full intention to return that property when they are done using it. For example, a person may borrow a wheelbarrow to complete yard work and anticipate that they will return it to their neighbor within the week. If the borrower of the wheelbarrow fails to return it to its owner, a theft as generally not occurred. Even though the borrower kept the wheelbarrow, there is an important element of the crime of theft that is absent from this hypothetical scenario: the intent of the borrower to permanently divest the owner of the property.

What is a plea bargain or plea negotiation?

When Virginia residents are charged with a crime they may anticipate that their criminal law experience will be limited to defending themselves against their pending charges. While in some cases defendants choose to go to trial and have their sides of their cases heard by judges and juries, in other cases defendants and their criminal defense attorneys choose to engage in plea negotiations to mitigate the sanctions pending against the defendants and to speed up the process of coming to resolutions in their cases.

Two sides to an alleged homicide will be heard at trial

In 2007, a mother of three in Virginia disappeared and was not found until six weeks later. Her body was discovered in a park and after evaluation medical examiners determined that she died from a combination of drugs and alcohol in her system and that she had suffered blunt force trauma to her head. Law enforcement officials later charged her boyfriend with first-degree murder. The boyfriend claims that the woman died from an accidental overdose.

A criminal defense strategy can protect your legal rights

Boyce, Leahy & Francescon Lawyers, a Northern Virginia law firm, provides criminal defense services to individuals facing criminal charges in the Manassas area. Their committed attorneys understand the severity of criminal accusations and are prepared to advocate for their clients' freedom and rights to attempt to ensure that they are granted fair trials and just proceedings as they face their charges.

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