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Man faces gun crimes after allegedly brandishing it in restaurant

Law enforcement in Manassas and throughout Virginia take gun crimes seriously. When a person is accused of engaging in illegal behaviors with a gun, it is dangerous and can lead to injuries and death. For those who are confronted with allegations of gun crimes, the criminal justice system can assess fines, give them extensive jail time and leave them with a criminal record that can hinder their lives long after the incident. Having help from a law firm that is experienced in assisting with criminal defense is essential to handling the case.

Helping you assert a strong criminal defense strategy

Being accused of a criminal charge is a serious situation even if the charge is not considered serious. For the most part, this is an overwhelming situation and one that causes a defendant to have many questions. It is nerve wrecking to see the evidence piling up against you; however, defendants should not let this deter them. It is still possible to build up a strong defense, helping to get rid of some or all of this evidence against you.

Penalties associated with child pornography allegations

Being accused of certain crimes can be extremely impactful and detrimental to a defendant's life. Facing allegations of possessing child pornography is not a situation to take lightly. Not only do these allegations damage a person's reputation but also they are criminal charges that carry with them serious penalties. Thus, it is vital to understand this matter to its fullest, exploring criminal defense options.

Penalties for a parole violation

Being accused of a crime is tough. It is even more challenging facing conviction. Penalties associated with a criminal charge can be harsh; however, some offenders are afforded the opportunity to reduce his or her term of imprisonment. A conditional release before the end of an offender's sentence is complete is known as parole. If an individual is granted parole, it is vital to understand the terms of his or her release. Violating parole could result in criminal consequences.

When could you face gun charges?

As United States citizens, individuals in Virginia and elsewhere are likely aware of their rights protected by the Constitution. While one may not have all of these memorized, some of these rights are better known than others. Take, for example, the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment provides this right; however, there are some exceptions, especially if a person is not permitted to own or use a gun or is unlawfully possessing a firearm. Thus, an individual could face charges for a gun crime.

A strong defense requires a hard look at the evidence

Being charged with a crime can be an overwhelming experience, but the accused do have the right to a defense and must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. By poking holes in the prosecution's case, a defendant can increase his or her chances of having the charges against them reduced or even dismissed.

Understanding probation violations

The release of an offender can be subject to conditions or alternatives to incarceration can be implemented. Probation is frequently used as a form of criminal penalty; however, it is also used to reduce the prison population. Depending on the crime a person is charged with or convicted of, specific terms outline what an offender can and cannot do. Violating these terms and conditions could result in a person facing additional criminal penalties. Thus, it is important to understand the situation, whether a violation actually occurred and what defense options are available.

What acts are considered shoplifting?

Some may view taking something that does not belong to you as a simple and harmless act. However, this can be a serious and impactful act. In some cases, individuals or stores can suffer greatly because another person has stolen from them. Nonetheless, being accused of stealing is a difficult predicament to be in, as it can shape how others view the accused, even impacting their reputation. Therefore, it is important to understand what this crime entails and how one could defend him or herself against such accusations.

Man facing petit larceny charges for stealing from ABC stores

As previously discussed, being accused of stealing is a serious accusation. Those facing such allegations might also endure criminal consequences, as these charges could result in a felony. Therefore, it is important to understand the situation, what evidence is used against a defendant, what penalties could result and what defense strategies are available to them.

Understanding grand larceny charges

Being accused of theft is a serious accusation. Whether it is something small or something large, stealing something can result in serious criminal consequences. Facing theft allegations could tarnish a person's reputation as his or her criminal history could seep into their personal or professional life. Thus, it is important for individuals to not only understand the crime they are charged with but also the potential penalties he or she could face. This could help them take the steps needed to initiate and progress an aggressive criminal defense.

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