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Woman faces several criminal charges after police chase

In Manassas and throughout Virginia, traffic offenses that can lead to an arrest and criminal charges are generally considered to be related to driving under the influence. However, people can face criminal allegations for other violations as well, such as speeding, recklessness and driving negligently with children in the vehicle. If, for example, a person flees from law enforcement and drives at excessive speed when doing so, it can lead to serious criminal charges and penalties.

According to recent reports, a 41-year-old woman was arrested on a slew of charges after an alleged high-speed chase. The suspect reportedly had three children in the vehicle at the time. According to the investigation, law enforcement saw the woman in a Toyota Camry driving at excessive speed at shortly before 1 a.m. She was in a zone where the maximum speed was 55 miles per hour and she was allegedly clocked at 82 miles per hour. When an officer attempted to make a stop, she reportedly continued driving.

The suspect used an emergency turning point to head in the other direction. Eventually, police cruisers pulled in front of her vehicle to stop her. She was arrested for eluding law enforcement, a felony. In addition, she faces improper registration and reckless driving charges. The children - ages seven, three and nine months - were evaluated and released to the woman's relative.

Being arrested for traffic offenses might not seem serious, but it can result in jail time, losing driving privileges, fines, higher insurance and more. Any felony charge carries with it major potential consequences. When children were involved, it is even more vital to come up with a good strategy to respond to the charges. There might be alternatives, such as counseling, that could be used to reduce or dismiss the charges. When people are confronted with traffic charges, it is wise to understand how the criminal justice system addresses the case.

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