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The importance of talking to witnesses after a DUI arrest

Drunk drivers are rampant all over the country. However, Virginia Beach has particular problems with the situation. The city ranks 10th in a nationwide study related to the highest number of drivers with DUIs on their criminal records. 

There are many steps to take after a police officer has arrested you on suspicion of DUI. You have to post bail and submit the proper paperwork to retain your driver's license from the local DMV. You also need to begin preparing for the upcoming trial. Most people should not immediately plead guilty. In fact, with the right witness in your corner, you may be able to avoid fines and jail time. 

Talk to people who saw you prior to the arrest

Once you get out of jail, you need to find people who were around you before the cops arrested you. This can include friends, bartenders and even casual acquaintances. You can ask these people if they would offer to testify on your behalf in court. You need them to testify that you spoke normally and seemed to be of sound mind. You should ask them specific questions, such as:

  • "Did I speak coherently?"
  • "Did I do something that could have shown I became too intoxicated to drive?"
  • "Was I slurring my speech?"
  • "Could I walk normally?"

It is also important to get statements from witnesses in your car. You can ask them how your driving was before the cop pulled you over.

Call in expert witnesses

Other witnesses who can help your case include expert witnesses. Trained professionals can refute the findings of a breathalyzer test. Those readings are not always accurate, and an expert could convince a jury the breathalyzer was wrong when used on you. You need a good expert who can withstand cross-examination. Your attorney will know where to find such witnesses who will help your case.

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