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Food delivery man accused of sex offenses and arrested

Food delivery is common in Virginia and people who work as delivery people are required to go to people's residences to bring them their order. For some, this can lead to various accusations of wrongdoing. One allegation that can be exceedingly problematic in a person's life is if they were accused of sex offenses. Whether it is outright rape or other sex-based crimes, the penalties can be severe if there is a conviction. Having a viable criminal defense is imperative and calling a legal professional who handles these cases is a must.

A 47-year-old man who delivers pizza was arrested after he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman to whom he was delivering. The man made a delivery at approximately noon. He later contacted the woman informing her that he had another delivery for her. When he brought it to her, she said he committed sexual assault. Police were called and as they investigated, the delivery man fled Virginia. After he was found in New York by police there, he was arrested. He faces charges of forcible sodomy and other sex offenses.

Some criminal allegations have a worse perception than others and sex-based crimes are among those that are viewed in the worst possible context. Not only can there be an extended jail sentence if there is a conviction, but it can also lead to disfavor in the community, difficulty getting a job and other penalties to negatively impact a person's life after a debt to society has been paid. Even though these charges are serious, it does not automatically mean that person is guilty. There could be false accusations or the circumstances might be different from what the victim asserts. It is often possible to lodge a defense that will lead to an acquittal. No matter the situation and strategy, legal help is key.

A woman claims that a delivery man sexually assaulted her. The man had left Virginia and was found in New York. Once he is returned to the Commonwealth and the case gets underway, he should ensure that he is fully protected with an experienced criminal defense attorney. A law firm that helps those charged with sex offenses must be contacted as soon as possible to confront these charges.

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