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Can you clear your record of a DUI charge?

A DUI conviction can add a great deal of inconvenience to your life. You may lose your license or even go to jail. Once you serve your sentence, the black spot on your record can follow you for the rest of your life.

If facing down the prospect of having an unfair DUI conviction on your record, you may already wonder about the possibility of erasing it down the road. In the state of Virginia, it is not so easy to get rid of a formal conviction, even if the circumstances were not completely objective.

Expungement requirements

If you want to strike something from your record, you need to file a petition and go to court. This option only applies to acquitted or dismissed cases. If you allow a charge to become a conviction, this can make the task significantly harder, if not impossible.

When the DUI charge has no validity, it is worth fighting back. Many things may result in an innocent person having a DUI conviction on his or her record; let this motivate you to take the action you need. If you can achieve a dismissal, you should be able to apply for expungement.

Conviction prevention

There is an exact protocol a police officer must follow when pulling you over for driving under the influence. Inaccurate testing of blood alcohol content can put make it appear as though you have had more to drink than you actually have. In addition, a failure to read you your rights upon detainment is a violation of arrest procedure.

These issues, along with potential others, are grounds to challenge a DUI charge. If you do not, you may end up with a conviction that stays on your record for years to come. If you can convince the court to dismiss the case, you will have the option to erase it from existence.

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