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Men face criminal allegations for theft at Walmart

Being accused of theft in Virginia can emanate from a variety of incidents. It might be a person who was placing small items in their pockets and tried to walk out of a store, only to be accused of shoplifting. It can be a larger type of incident, such as stealing a motor vehicle or robbing a bank. Or, it could involve people who are alleged to have taken items from a large store and simply tried to walk out without paying. No matter the level of theft and the potential consequences that accompany a conviction, it is imperative to have a strong criminal defense to the charges.

According to recent reports, two men are facing charges for allegedly taking items from Walmart, leaving the store without paying, putting them in their vehicle and fleeing. The incident occurred in the early-morning hours after 4 a.m. Another customer stated that the men loaded a cart and left in a blue vehicle. Police made a traffic stop and spoke to the men. After checking surveillance clips, they saw the men at Walmart. In the vehicle were, allegedly, clothes and four hover boards. The value was more than $900. The men, 47 and 36, are facing charges for grand larceny. They are also confronted with allegations of conspiracy to commit a felony. The 36-year-old man had a warrant for shoplifting in another incident.

When arrested for theft, there is a great deal that the accused must think about. The value of that which was stolen will play a significant role in the level of charges they face. If the property is worth less than $200 and is stolen from a place or if it is money or property taken from a person and is worth less than $5, it will be a misdemeanor or petit larceny. If it is from a place and is worth more than $200 or if it is from a person and is worth more than $5, it will be a felony or grand larceny. The penalties for a conviction of the latter are far worse, as there can be as much as 20 years in prison.

Although the penalties are serious, it is not automatic that there will be a conviction. It is possible that a plea bargain could be reached to reduce the charges. The person arrested could have an issue, like drug addiction, that could warrant reduced charges and treatment. It might even be possible to get an acquittal on the criminal allegations.

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