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Can you face criminal allegations for car racing in Virginia?

Drivers in Virginia will often make the mistake of thinking that street racing is not dangerous and law enforcement does not treat it as a serious violation. However, when there are allegations that a person was street racing, it can lead to penalties that can deprive them of their driving privileges. If another person is injured or killed during a race, there can be criminal charges that can result in fines and jail time, as well as a loss of driving privileges. When there are accusations and criminal allegations that street racing was taking place, it is important to understand these law.

When a driver takes part in a race and there are two or more vehicles involved, there could be a charge for reckless driving. If, however, the owner or an agent of the owner of the property upon which it occurred approves of the race, then it may not result in charges. If there is a conviction for reckless driving, the person will have his or her driver's license suspended for a minimum of six months and as much as two years.

During a race that violates the law and the driver behaves wantonly and is deemed culpable of recklessly disregarding human life by causing serious bodily injury of someone who was not involved in the race or causes the death of another person, there will likely be criminal charges. For causing serious bodily injury, it will be a Class 6 felony. With a fatality, it will be a felony with potential jail time of 20 years, with one year mandatory. The driver's license will be suspended for at least one year and for up to three years.

Street racing is often portrayed positively in television programs and film, but it is dangerous and illegal. People can be confronted with serious penalties, such as a loss of license, for taking part in it and they can face jail time if there is an accident with injuries and death. Even though these allegations are problematic, it does not mean they are valid. There could have been a misunderstanding or the charges could be unwarranted when it comes to the criminal allegations.

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