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Woman who drank wine at store arrested for DUI offenses

When a person is subjected to a traffic stop and subsequently arrested for drunk driving charges in Virginia, the situation is rarely a simple one. In some cases, there were other incidents preceding and following the DUI incident. This can raise the level of charges the person faces and make the penalties - jail time, fines, a driver license suspension - far worse. With any criminal case, it is critical to formulate the strongest defense possible and to achieve as positive an outcome as can be reached.

According to reports, a 30-year-old woman was arrested for drunk driving and will face other charges as part of the series of incidents before and after the alleged DUI. According to the investigation, the woman drank wine at a local department store and then drove away. Officers stopped the vehicle when they witnessed her throw a lit cigarette from the window - an illegal act. The deputy stated he smelled a strong aroma of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The woman was allegedly slurring her words and her eyes were glassy and bloodshot. An empty box that had contained wine was in the vehicle. There was also a full box of wine that had not been opened. When she was brought to the hospital to be tested for blood alcohol content, she reportedly became belligerent and two deputies were kicked. She was arrested on multiple charges for DUI and assault on law enforcement, among other allegations.

Charges related to DUI are difficult enough to defend without adding other allegations, including violence. However, incidents will happen and people make mistakes. That does not mean they should spend an inordinate amount of time in jail, pay exorbitant fines and have a criminal record that will hinder them in significant ways. Although no one should fight with law enforcement and driving under the influence is dangerous and illegal, a person has the right to a strong defense.

It is possible that a plea bargain can be reached. Or, perhaps there were mistakes made during the investigation and some of the charges could be dropped. It might even be viable to get an acquittal. In this case or any case related to DUI offenses and other criminal charges, it is crucial to plan a strategy to deal with the charges.

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