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Hit-and-run crash injures woman, leads to drunk driving charges

Drunk driving is taken seriously in Manassas and throughout the Commonwealth. Since there is such a risk of injury and death because of drunk driving, there are a variety of potential penalties if a person is convicted on drunk driving charges. These are compounded when there is an accident and people are injured. Although drunk driving is an irresponsible act, it does not mean that people who are accused of the violation are automatically guilty and will be convicted. This is true regardless of the situation and even if there is an auto accident with injuries. Having a legal defense is essential to any case.

What are criminal charges for conspiracy for larceny or trespass?

In Virginia, if there are charges for trespass or larceny, it is a natural assumption that those who are charged will be the individuals who are accused of committing the act. However, there are others who can be charged too. If there was a conspiracy to commit the crime, people who took part in the planning can be arrested and charged as well. Understanding the law for conspiracy in this context is imperative to the criminal defense.

Woman who drank wine at store arrested for DUI offenses

When a person is subjected to a traffic stop and subsequently arrested for drunk driving charges in Virginia, the situation is rarely a simple one. In some cases, there were other incidents preceding and following the DUI incident. This can raise the level of charges the person faces and make the penalties - jail time, fines, a driver license suspension - far worse. With any criminal case, it is critical to formulate the strongest defense possible and to achieve as positive an outcome as can be reached.

Man arrested on drunk driving charges after chase

Law enforcement in Manassas and throughout Virginia is out in force seeking drivers who might be operating their vehicles under the influence. When an attempt is made to stop the vehicle, drivers are expected to stop and comply with officers. If they do not, there can be charges for drunk driving and more. This can lead to significant penalties including jail time, a driver license suspension and fines. While it is inadvisable to drive under the influence and flee from law enforcement, that does not mean every arrest is valid and the person should not lodge a strong defense. Legal assistance is essential toward that end.

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