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Manassas man faces criminal charges for stealing deliveries

In Virginia, the penalties for a theft conviction can vary and largely depend on what was stolen, the circumstances, and the value of the items. When people are arrested, they might make various mistakes, such as speaking to law enforcement about the allegations, admitting to certain violations and more. In any situation where there is an arrest, those facing charges must remember that they have rights and must think about formulating a criminal defense to seek a positive outcome.

A series of package thefts outside homes in Manassas and surrounding areas led to the arrest of one man. Police were called after a package was stolen from a person's home. They were able to locate the suspect and he stated that he took the goods. As they investigated, officers found other products that were believed to have been stolen from the homes of others, including footwear, electronics and books. The man was arrested and faces charges of petit larceny, possessing a stolen credit card, possessing a Schedule II drug, and identity theft.

Since so many people order items online and the packages are often left outside their home, others are tempted to take the packages. Security devices and video cameras are used to try and stop this, but it still happens. Those confronted with allegations that they took items outside someone's home can face severe penalties if they are convicted of the charges. The person accused of taking the products often does not know what is in the package, but, if the item is worth enough, the person could face charges for grand theft, with hefty fines and jail time. Having a legal defense in these cases is critical.

If you are facing theft charges, there are avenues to explore, such as plea bargains. It is important to study the circumstances of the investigation and arrest to see if law enforcement made mistakes. Having help from a qualified attorney is critical to dealing with these accusations.

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