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Are you hoping your record can be expunged?

Before your arrest, you probably had many plans for your future. You may look forward to attending graduate school or interviewing for a new job, but your brush with the law put all your plans on hold.

Now you have a criminal blot on your record. Can you have this kind of mark removed? Are you eligible for expungement?

Background checks 

The internet has made it possible for anyone to look into your background if that person has sufficient interest in learning more about you. Potential employers and landlords routinely run credit checks, and many perform criminal background checks. That is where the mark on your record would appear, and it may cost you in terms of the kind of housing or employment you want.

The value of expungement

If you cannot have your record expunged, you can tell anyone, including a potential landlord or employer, you were never accused of a crime. You can legally say you were never arrested or convicted of a crime. It will be a wonderful feeling to fill out an employment application and answer “no” when asked if you have a criminal history. In doing so, you will be entirely truthful. This is the greatest benefit of a successful expungement. You will be able to apply for a credit card or a loan with one less fear of denial because of an old mark on your record that no longer exists.

Virginia law

Keep in mind that in the state of Virginia, a petition for expungement can only go forward 1) if you are acquitted of the charge against you, or 2) if the charge is either dismissed or a nolle prosequi is taken. That is to say, that the prosecution will not pursue any further action against you. Explore your legal options. If either of these actions applies, you may be eligible to file for expungement.

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