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How do driver’s license points work in Virginia?

Whether you have been driving for years or just received your first driver’s license, you have probably heard about Virginia’s point system. Virginia law handles driving privileges differently from other states. If you want to avoid a license suspension or revocation, you should know how motor vehicle infractions affect your driver’s license.

In Virginia, drivers may receive either safe points or demerit points. While safe points give you some wiggle room, if you accumulate too many demerits, you may lose your driving privileges. Here is everything you need to know about Virginia’s point system. 

Accumulating too many demerits is a bad idea 

All drivers in Virginia start with zero points. When you receive a citation for a moving violation, points attach to your driving record. Accumulating too many demerits is a bad idea, though, as it could lead to a revocation of your driving privileges. 

How many demerits is too many? For adult drivers, accumulating more than 18 points in one year or 24 points in two years could have significant consequences. 

Safe driving is a good idea 

Unlike many other states, Virginia law provides a way for safe drivers to pad their driving records. Every year you drive without receiving a moving vehicle violation, you receive a safe driving point. These points cap at five. If you receive safe driving points, you effectively increase the number of demerits you can receive without jeopardizing your driver’s license. 

Different violations have different penalties 

As you may suspect, not all moving violations are equally serious. To best match penalty and conduct, Virginia law assigns varying points for different violations. For example, speeding by five miles per hour gives you three demerit points, while street racing may tag you with up to six demerits. Note, however, that some infractions are so serious they result in an immediate suspension of your driving privileges. If you receive a DUI or leave the scene of a serious accident, Virginia authorities may revoke your driver’s license. 

If you are like most others in the Old Dominion, you drive virtually every day. To avoid losing your driving privileges, you must understand how Virginia law works. While collecting too many demerits can be disastrous, you can pad your driving record by accumulating safe points.

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