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Man arrested on sex offenses after touching acquaintance

Many people in Manassas and Virginia as a whole mistakenly believe that rape and child molestation constitute the entirety of chargeable sex crimes. Yet, this category of criminal offenses is actually much broader, and it even includes inappropriate touching.. For people who have been arrested for crimes related to allegations of inappropriately touching another person in a sexual way, having a legal defense from a firm that is experienced in these cases is imperative.

A man may need an aggressive defense after he was arrested for allegedly touching an acquaintance who was asleep. The man, 26, faces sexual battery charges. Law enforcement was called at approximately 7:30 a.m. when the woman, 23, asserted that the man had touched her in a sexual manner without her consent while she slept. Law enforcement investigated and arrested the man at his home.

Even people who are familiar with one another can find themselves on opposite sides of an argument with one saying that there was inappropriate sexual behavior and the other denying it. Almost inevitably, these situations lead to an arrest. The circumstances in these cases can differ, but a record of having been convicted of sexual offenses can cloud investigators' and prosecutors' judgment when deciding to file new charges.

There is a lot at stake in these cases, too. Not only can there be jail time and fines imposed upon conviction, but a convicted person might be obligated to register as a sex offender. When trying to get a job or be admitted to a school or the military, this will need to be disclosed, potentially hindering the efforts. For these reasons, in addition to protecting one's reputation, a strong legal defense is a must when facing allegations of having committed sex offenses.

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