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Man arrested for alleged sex offenses with 14-year-old girl

Sex offenses are serious accusations that can be levied against residents of Manassas and Virginia as a whole. Not only can a conviction on these charges impact a person's freedom with a long-term jail sentence, but it can also paint them in a negative light in the community. These penalties and the damage to one's reputation can be even worse when the person is accused of sex offenses against an underage person. Although these charges are serious and there will be an immediate reaction of anger at someone who is accused of these violations, an accused individual still deserves and must develop a strong criminal defense to deal with the charges.

A 28-year-old man who works at a local Boys & Girls Club was accused of sexual assault with a minor and arrested as a result. According to the investigation, the man was involved with a 14-year-old girl and there was inappropriate contact. They allegedly met at the club where he worked as an athletics coordinator. It is not believed that the assaults took place at the workplace. He faces charges of carnal knowledge with a child.

The mere accusation of sexual assault of an underage person can lead to dramatic life changes. The criminal justice system treats people who are alleged to have been involved in these acts harshly with lengthy prison sentences, hefty fines, and the need to register as a sex offender even after a prison sentence has been completed. This will severely hinder a person's social standing, choice of jobs, ability to be admitted to school, and more. While these charges are undoubtedly terrible, it does not mean they are accurate or there is sufficient evidence to secure a conviction. Perhaps the incident in question was a misunderstanding or the evidence is flawed. These can be keys to building a strong defense.

As the case moves forward, it is imperative that the accused individual understands the potential penalties he faces should he be convicted. He must discuss the case with a qualified criminal defense attorney who understands how to help those accused of crimes related to sex with minors.

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