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November 2018 Archives

Woman faces criminal charges after alleged assault

People will frequently get into arguments in Manassas. Sometimes these arguments escalate to the degree where somebody commits violence. This can lead to criminal allegations, an arrest, and the possibility of various penalties should there be a conviction. Some of these incidents will be unusual with people going to extreme lengths and committing serious assault. If this happens with a motor vehicle being used as a weapon, it can be a major problem not just for the victim, but for the person accused of committing the act. Having legal advice is vital for those who find themselves in this situation, as is the case in one recent incident.

Man arrested for alleged sex offenses with 14-year-old girl

Sex offenses are serious accusations that can be levied against residents of Manassas and Virginia as a whole. Not only can a conviction on these charges impact a person's freedom with a long-term jail sentence, but it can also paint them in a negative light in the community. These penalties and the damage to one's reputation can be even worse when the person is accused of sex offenses against an underage person. Although these charges are serious and there will be an immediate reaction of anger at someone who is accused of these violations, an accused individual still deserves and must develop a strong criminal defense to deal with the charges.

What are the penalties for transporting drugs into Virginia?

Virginia laws are tough on people who are convicted on drug charges. The severity of penalties these individuals can face in the event of a conviction depend on the allegations, but they are all quite serious. For example, a person who is arrested and charged with possession of marijuana will be less likely to face harsh penalties than a person who is accused of being involved in trafficking or distribution of controlled substances. When there is an allegation that a person has transported controlled substances into the Commonwealth, it is important to understand the possible consequences because they can be enormously problematic for an individual in the long-term.

Man arrested on sex offenses after touching acquaintance

Many people in Manassas and Virginia as a whole mistakenly believe that rape and child molestation constitute the entirety of chargeable sex crimes. Yet, this category of criminal offenses is actually much broader, and it even includes inappropriate touching.. For people who have been arrested for crimes related to allegations of inappropriately touching another person in a sexual way, having a legal defense from a firm that is experienced in these cases is imperative.

Does my child need an attorney for juvenile court?

The juvenile justice system is separate from the adult criminal justice system. Juvenile courts handle cases for youths under the age of 18. Because there are public defenders available to handle juvenile cases, some parents wonder if they need to hire an attorney for their child's case in juvenile court.

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