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Teen faces felony criminal charges after school shooting threat

Given the current climate in Virginia and across the U.S., there is enormous sensitivity to allegations of internet crimes and threats of violence made against people and institutions. While some of these threats are ill-advised jokes, others are legitimate and must be taken seriously. This will spark police investigations and a possible arrest even if the person accused of the offense did not actually carry out the threatened crimes. With that, an accused individual will need to think about a criminal defense in hopes of avoiding the harshest penalties.

A high school student may need a strong criminal defense after he was arrested for making threats against his school and an elementary school nearby. The student, a 15-year-old ninth grader, allegedly made the threats on social media. The post was on the photo sharing site Instagram and showed a picture of a weapon. The image was from the internet. As the case was investigated, it was determined that the student was not making credible threats as he did not have the items necessary to follow through. He has still been charged with felonies for making threats to school property. The investigation is ongoing to determine if anyone else was involved.

School shootings are, unfortunately, a regular fear for students and their parents. When someone makes threats that they are considering or intending to carry out a school shooting, law enforcement will undoubtedly be notified and take steps to put a stop to real threats, meaning they will arrest people who made them. This is independent of any actual shooting incident. It will result in an arrest and charges that can drastically change a person's life. If it is someone under the age of 18, it is important to determine how best to deal with the individual. It is possible that the person is just troubled and needs treatment. However, with felony charges - even for a juvenile - there can be hefty penalties. Legal assistance is crucial to defending against these types of allegations.

Since the case mentioned above involves a serious set of allegations, the accused must be prepared for the criminal trial by planning a defense with a qualified lawyer. Having help with dealing with these criminal charges is a must, and he should seek it out immediately with an experienced law firm.

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