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Man charged with gun crimes, DUI and more

Citizens in Manassas and Virginia believe in their gun rights and owning and possessing these weapons lawfully. When there is responsible and legal use of guns, there is no reason for law enforcement to intervene. However, when there are allegations of a person committing gun crimes, it is inevitable that they will face legal issues because of it. Some of these crimes lead to a chain reaction with other reasons for an arrest. Since weapons-related infractions are taken so seriously in the world today, people arrested for gun crimes must take the initiative and have a strong criminal defense to avoid the worst possible penalties.

A confrontation between a man and a woman ended with the man being arrested for gun crimes. Law enforcement went to the scene at around 2:30 p.m. The man, 38, was arguing with a 46-year-old woman at a residence. She was talking to him through a window. As the dispute escalated, he took out a gun and fired shots toward her. Before police got there, he fled.

Around three hours later, more shots were reportedly fired at a different location. The vehicle was reportedly the same as the one the 38-year-old man was driving. The vehicle was found in a parking lot. They attempted to arrest him, but he drove onto the highway, hitting two vehicles in the process, heading the opposite way. He then crashed into a mailbox. When the vehicle was disabled, he ran away on foot. A K-9 unit was used to find him. He was arrested on multiple charges including various gun charges, drug charges and DUI.

Using a gun illegally can lead to a litany of charges. If it is a former felon, as is the situation in this case, it is even worse. When arrested and charged with gun crimes, it is important to remember that the criminal justice system takes these allegations very seriously and would like nothing more than to secure a conviction not just to serve as punishment, but as an example for others who might commit similar crimes. The man in this case is alleged to have committed many serious crimes including shooting into a building, possessing a gun as a felon, DUI, drug possession and more. Since he could face a lengthy prison sentence with a conviction, he should seek every alternative to deal with the case. A law firm that has experience with defending people arrested for gun crimes and DUI can help.

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