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October 2018 Archives

Can I face drug charges for reporting an overdose in Virginia?

With the opioid epidemic reaching treacherous proportions in Virginia and across the nation, people overdosing and what happens to those who are with them has become a source for debate. Those who are concerned about being arrested and charged with a drug offense for possessing and using drugs with another person may be deterred from taking life-saving actions when that other person overdoses.

Teen faces felony criminal charges after school shooting threat

Given the current climate in Virginia and across the U.S., there is enormous sensitivity to allegations of internet crimes and threats of violence made against people and institutions. While some of these threats are ill-advised jokes, others are legitimate and must be taken seriously. This will spark police investigations and a possible arrest even if the person accused of the offense did not actually carry out the threatened crimes. With that, an accused individual will need to think about a criminal defense in hopes of avoiding the harshest penalties.

What is the law for shoplifting and theft in Virginia?

While major crimes in Virginia get attention in the news and with major police investigations, crimes that are considered lower level are even more common. This is because people are often more willing to take the risk to commit them. They might be under the impression that since they are not using a weapon, selling drugs, or involving themselves in crimes that are perceived as the worst imaginable, they will not be confronted with hefty penalties in the event they are arrested. This is an error in judgment.

Man charged with gun crimes, DUI and more

Citizens in Manassas and Virginia believe in their gun rights and owning and possessing these weapons lawfully. When there is responsible and legal use of guns, there is no reason for law enforcement to intervene. However, when there are allegations of a person committing gun crimes, it is inevitable that they will face legal issues because of it. Some of these crimes lead to a chain reaction with other reasons for an arrest. Since weapons-related infractions are taken so seriously in the world today, people arrested for gun crimes must take the initiative and have a strong criminal defense to avoid the worst possible penalties.

Drug charges in Virginia require experienced legal help

Law enforcement and legislators are invested in reducing the number of drug crimes that occur throughout our state. With that, there will be a rise in how these crimes are enforced. The news is filled with stories about people overdosing on opioids either in prescription medication or in street drugs like heroin. The problem is widespread. Other drugs are also worrisome for those in authority and society in general. However, simply because an arrest was made on drug charges does not automatically indicate that the person is guilty.

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