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Woman faces multiple drunk driving charges with children in car

Drunk driving charges in Virginia can yield significant penalties should there be a conviction. Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, the charges can be far worse with consequences that can impact a person in a personal and professional way. This is especially true if the arrest is made while the driver has children in the vehicle. With a more complicated situation, it becomes even more important to have advice and help from an experienced DUI attorney.

A 26-year-old woman was arrested for DUI and other charges after she was found with two children in the vehicle. In the afternoon at about 12:15 p.m., law enforcement was informed of a vehicle moving in an erratic fashion. The car was said to be crashing into the median on the road. Its front bumper was dragging. When police tried to stop her, she went into the opposite lanes and then back to the appropriate lanes.

She was ordered to stop and refused, again going over the yellow line and back. Once the vehicle stopped in a driveway, officers found the woman with the children. When she exited the vehicle, she stood unsteadily and spoke in a deliberate manner. She threatened the officers during the investigation. She was arrested on several charges including eluding law enforcement, DUI, possessing marijuana and traffic violations.

When charged with drunk driving, there are basic issues that the person must confront including possible lost driving privileges, jail, fines and higher insurance rates. When the charges include possession of drugs, threatening law enforcement, fleeing and DUI with children in the vehicle, the penalties can be exponentially worse. Not only might there be criminal penalties, but there can also be personal issues with the children and professional issues getting a job. Having legal assistance to defend against the charges is critical in any case, but when there are these type of allegations, avoiding a criminal conviction is paramount. A law firm skilled in DUI cases can help.

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