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What is an administrative license suspension with DUI offenses?

Virginia law enforcement and legislators are vigilant in their attempt to reduce the frequency of drivers operating their vehicles under the influence and will assess various penalties to those who are convicted of these offenses. Many of the penalties come about after a conviction with the possibility of jail time, steep fines, a driver's license suspension and more. Understanding when various penalties are given and having legal help to lodge a defense is key as some of the punishments happen immediately depending on the situation.

There are administrative penalties that will be assessed immediately based on the circumstances. One is the administrative license suspension. With ALS, a driver who is charged with a first-offense DUI and/or refuses to submit to a breath test as the law requires will face an immediate suspension of driving privileges for seven days should the blood-alcohol concentration register 0.08 percent or more.

If it is a second DUI and/or a refusal, the license will be suspended for 60 days or until the trial commences - whichever is first. If it is a third-offense DUI and/or refusal of a breath test, the driver's license will be suspended until trial. Being convicted for DUI will lead to a driver's license suspension and other legal consequences along with the ALS.

Being convicted on drunk driving charges can have a significant impact on a person's personal and professional life. Not only might it result in incarceration and fines, but it will also lead to the loss of driving privileges and a negative perception in the community. It can affect the ability to get certain jobs and hinder other aspects of a person's life. Since ALS causes an immediate problem for people who are alleged to have been committing DUI offenses, it is imperative to understand when these penalties are put into effect and take immediate steps to formulate a defense. A law firm that is experienced in helping Virginians who are facing DUI offenses can be of assistance.

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