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Suspicious man in Bristol charged with drug crime

Criminal allegations can stem from a wide variety of situations. A person could be suspected of a crime based on suspicious activities. When law enforcement decides to further investigate a matter, this could result in a person, their property and even a residence being searched. When a search is lawfully conducted, this evidence could be used to charge and convict a suspected offender. However, if an unlawful search occurred, this evidence could be suppressed, helping the accused reduce or dismiss the charges.

According to recent reports, a Virginia man was arrested following a report of a suspicious person near the parking lot of the former Lowe's building located in Bristol. When police responded to this report, they located a 32-year-old male. Supposedly, the man was acting abnormally, his speech was slurred and was acting extremely nervous.

When asked, the man consented to a search. During this search, authorities apparently found one-and-a-half pieces of blotter paper on his person. Police believe that this paper contained LSD. The man was arrested and he was charged with possession of a schedule I or II controlled narcotic. He was also charged for being intoxicated in public.

When a search is used to uncover evidence to charge an individual, it is important to understand whether or not the search was conducted lawfully. If an unlawful search and seizure occurred, it might be possible to challenge the evidence, helping the accused to fight the allegations.

Drug crimes are serious offenses and should be treated as such. Whether it is a minor charge or a person's first criminal charge, it is important to take these matters seriously. This means exploring your rights, obtaining information and understand what criminal defense strategies are available to you.

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