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Man faces gun crimes after allegedly brandishing it in restaurant

Law enforcement in Manassas and throughout Virginia take gun crimes seriously. When a person is accused of engaging in illegal behaviors with a gun, it is dangerous and can lead to injuries and death. For those who are confronted with allegations of gun crimes, the criminal justice system can assess fines, give them extensive jail time and leave them with a criminal record that can hinder their lives long after the incident. Having help from a law firm that is experienced in assisting with criminal defense is essential to handling the case.

A 24-year-old man was arrested after allegedly waving a gun at restaurant patrons. The incident occurred after midnight and law enforcement was called. After the man brandished the gun and issued threats to people in the establishment, he fled. Police found him in a vehicle close to the restaurant and placed him under arrest. He faces several charges in addition to the gun charge including being a fugitive and for public intoxication.

Attention to gun crimes is growing exponentially across the U.S. as people are charged with shootings and other allegations. Virginia is taking steps to enforce gun laws and charge those who have committed crimes. Since being charged with a gun crime can result in jail, fines and more, those who are facing any gun-related charged must mount a vigorous defense. Gun crimes can range from firing the weapon, to brandishing it, to simply not having a permit for it. Legal assistance is a must with any weapons charge.

A man is accused of waving a gun and threatening restaurant customers with it before fleeing the scene. He was found a short time later and placed under arrest. As the case moves forward, the man should be aware of his options such as offers of possible plea bargains or even an acquittal depending on the circumstances. A law firm that specializes in criminal defense can help with the case.

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