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June 2018 Archives

What are the penalties in Virginia for first time drug offenders?

Being accused of a drug crime is a serious situation. If this is a person's first run-in with the law, this can be a very overwhelming and scary situation. However, even if the accused offender has a criminal history, the penalties that often follow a conviction of a drug charge can be harsh. No matter a person's situation, it is important to understand the scenario and what penalties one might face.

Virginia woman faces multiple drug charges after traffic stop

Being stopped by law enforcement is anything bet enjoyable by motorists, however, traffic stops can occur for many reasons. Whether it is a minor or major infraction, a traffic stop could lead to officers investigating a driver for more than what the driver was stopped for. Therefore, it is important to consider a defense process that can help address any and all criminal charges he or she is facing due to a traffic stop.

Penalties for a parole violation

Being accused of a crime is tough. It is even more challenging facing conviction. Penalties associated with a criminal charge can be harsh; however, some offenders are afforded the opportunity to reduce his or her term of imprisonment. A conditional release before the end of an offender's sentence is complete is known as parole. If an individual is granted parole, it is vital to understand the terms of his or her release. Violating parole could result in criminal consequences.

When could you face gun charges?

As United States citizens, individuals in Virginia and elsewhere are likely aware of their rights protected by the Constitution. While one may not have all of these memorized, some of these rights are better known than others. Take, for example, the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment provides this right; however, there are some exceptions, especially if a person is not permitted to own or use a gun or is unlawfully possessing a firearm. Thus, an individual could face charges for a gun crime.

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