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A strong defense requires a hard look at the evidence

Being charged with a crime can be an overwhelming experience, but the accused do have the right to a defense and must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. By poking holes in the prosecution's case, a defendant can increase his or her chances of having the charges against them reduced or even dismissed.

Understanding probation violations

The release of an offender can be subject to conditions or alternatives to incarceration can be implemented. Probation is frequently used as a form of criminal penalty; however, it is also used to reduce the prison population. Depending on the crime a person is charged with or convicted of, specific terms outline what an offender can and cannot do. Violating these terms and conditions could result in a person facing additional criminal penalties. Thus, it is important to understand the situation, whether a violation actually occurred and what defense options are available.

Virginia auto dealer arrested on felony drug charges

Facing criminal charges does not only mean the accused could endure serious criminal penalties but could also suffer damage to their personal and professional reputation. For some, allegations alone could hurt business relationships and how they are viewed in the public eye. Thus, it is important to take these matters seriously, as an aggressive criminal defense could help the accused clear their name and avoid harsh penalties.

What acts are considered shoplifting?

Some may view taking something that does not belong to you as a simple and harmless act. However, this can be a serious and impactful act. In some cases, individuals or stores can suffer greatly because another person has stolen from them. Nonetheless, being accused of stealing is a difficult predicament to be in, as it can shape how others view the accused, even impacting their reputation. Therefore, it is important to understand what this crime entails and how one could defend him or herself against such accusations.

Helping you strategize a defense against drug charges

Law enforcement for the states and the federal government are tough on illegal substances. Laws concerning drug usage, manufacturing, sales and trafficking are passed with the idea that they would not only punish wrongdoers but also deter recidivism and other from committing the same crime. Regardless of the purpose, those facing such charges are overwhelmed by the situation. His or her life could drastically change if conviction occurs, making it imperative that a criminal defense is initiated.

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