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What types of protective orders are available in Virginia?

While no family is perfect, there are some negative events that should not exist in a health family relationship. Although disputes happen, most take the time to resolve these issues, especially if they are important to the members of the family. Unfortunately, some family members take these disputes to an extreme level. This can be damaging for the other family members, even constituting abuse.

Whether it is verbal, emotional or physical, there are protective steps one can take to protect him or herself from an abuser. Restraining and protective orders are available, and these legal documents issued by a judge help protect the health and safety of an alleged victim. A protective order is used to protect against any act of violence, by force or threat, which either results in bodily injuries or puts an individual in the fear of injury.

What types of protective orders are available in Virginia? There are three types. The first is an emergency protective order. This type of order expires at the end of the third day from the day it was issued. The next is a preliminary protective order. This last for up to 15 days or until a full hearing is completed. The third is a final protective order. This can last for up to two years.

A protective order can help in a wide variety of ways. It can order an abuser to not contact you via phone or in person at almost any location asked. It can protect multiple family members. It can be used to order abusers to leave a shared residence with the victim. It can help with granting custody of a minor child and even order the abuser to pay child support. Finally, it could order the abuser to receive professional domestic violence counseling.

No matter the severity of the situation or the length of time it has been going on, it is important for individuals to understand his or her rights. One should not endure abuse, making it vital to become aware of the rights and options available to them.

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