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Man facing petit larceny charges for stealing from ABC stores

As previously discussed, being accused of stealing is a serious accusation. Those facing such allegations might also endure criminal consequences, as these charges could result in a felony. Therefore, it is important to understand the situation, what evidence is used against a defendant, what penalties could result and what defense strategies are available to them.

Understanding grand larceny charges

Being accused of theft is a serious accusation. Whether it is something small or something large, stealing something can result in serious criminal consequences. Facing theft allegations could tarnish a person's reputation as his or her criminal history could seep into their personal or professional life. Thus, it is important for individuals to not only understand the crime they are charged with but also the potential penalties he or she could face. This could help them take the steps needed to initiate and progress an aggressive criminal defense.

What types of protective orders are available in Virginia?

While no family is perfect, there are some negative events that should not exist in a health family relationship. Although disputes happen, most take the time to resolve these issues, especially if they are important to the members of the family. Unfortunately, some family members take these disputes to an extreme level. This can be damaging for the other family members, even constituting abuse.

Protecting one's rights during a child custody dispute

No marriage is ironclad. Even when spouses in Virginia and elsewhere take steps to better the marriage and resolve any marital disputes, this does not protect them from the possibility of divorce. Even when children are involved, their presence does not mean the marriage will last or parents will remain together because they have children together. With the divorce rate remaining around 50 percent, the reality is that parents might be faced with marital problems and difficult decisions.

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