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Why are prenups more common now than ever before?

Getting married is often a goal for most individuals living in Virginia and elsewhere. However, it is more common to get married well into adulthood. Because people today are not getting married young as often as they used to, couples are uniting with more wealth and property. Because of that, it is becoming more important to protect assets by including a prenuptial agreement in a marriage.

Why are prenups more common now? Millennials tend to put off marriage until later in life. This is a major difference when compared with previous generations. This results in spouses having solidified careers, large assets and property. Because of this, it is becoming more important to take steps to protect what they built before married life.

Prenuptial agreements were rather taboo. It was something couples did not want to talk about, and if they did, it caused issues because it meant thinking about divorce. Prenups also initiated emotions that could harm a relationship. It meant that they may not trust their partner, as they are taking added steps to legally protect their assets.

While some negativity still surrounds the documents, prenuptial agreements have proven a vital and often necessary role in marriages today. Because millennials seek to be financially secure before they get married, they see the importance of including a prenup to protect the financial stability he or she has spent over a decade building. It is no longer a document that screams that they lack trust or foresees divorce.

Including a prenuptial agreement in a marriage may not be an easy process no matter how much a couple is on board with it. It means exploring one's life and including much detail. Thus, it is important to be aware of the drafting process and what rights one has before and after the document is executed.

Source:, "Why millennials are more likely to have a prenup than their parents," Jonnelle Marte, August 13, 2017

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