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What are common misconceptions of shared parenting?

Whether it is a painful or a mutual end, the end of a marriage is never easy. And while an amicable departure can lead to fair and quickly resolved divorce issues, it may not help with more challenging issues, such as family law issues. With regards to child custody, some divorcing parents find it challenging to accept the shared parenting trend. Some divorcing parents base their initiative for sole custody on fallacies surrounding joint custody.

What are common misconceptions of shared parenting? Those arguing against shared parenting are often misguided by the available information or are seeking reasons to pursue sole custody. Whatever the reason for using this information, it is important to sort through facts from fiction.

Some argue that children prefer to live with one parent and to have only one home, making shared parenting not worth the hassle. When exploring this further, shared parenting allows a child to maintain a relationship with both parents, and children claim that it is worth the hassle to go from one home to the other. Another misconception is that a child has one primary attachment figure and that is the mother. While this is true for some newborns and infants, the fact is that a child develops strong yet different attachments to each parent.

It is contended that when high conflict exists, it is best to have sole custody. However, studies show that shared custody does not expose a child to more conflict when compared to sole custody situation. Finally, it is argues that shared parenting only works when both parents agree to it and cooperate through it. This is not the case, because if shared parenting were mandated, parents would make it work for the children.

Dealing with child custody issues is never pleasant. It is difficult to process and address, as it means spending less time with your child. Regardless of you situation or your intentions, it is vital to become well informed of the situation and what options are available to you. This not only protects your legal rights but also the interests of the children involved.

Source:, "Avoid the woozles and zombies of shared parenting," Michelle Jones, Feb. 13, 2018

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