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March 2018 Archives

The criminal procedures of a criminal case

When individuals in Virginia and elsewhere are charged with a crime for the first time, they are likely unsure what to expect. Sure, he or she has probably seen this situation play out in a movie or television show. But, reality is much different than what is portrayed on the screen. Thus, it is important that all criminal defendants take the time to understand the process they are about to go through and how a defense strategy could help them obtain a favorable result.

Why are prenups more common now than ever before?

Getting married is often a goal for most individuals living in Virginia and elsewhere. However, it is more common to get married well into adulthood. Because people today are not getting married young as often as they used to, couples are uniting with more wealth and property. Because of that, it is becoming more important to protect assets by including a prenuptial agreement in a marriage.

Bus driver faces is arrested on two charges following bus crash

When driving a motor vehicle, motorists in Virginia and elsewhere are required to follow the rules of the road while operating a vehicle. For commercial drivers operating a truck or a bus, these drivers are set to a higher standard, especially if they are transporting passengers in the massive vehicle. Failing to meet these standards does not only cause civil liabilities but could impose criminal penalties on the driver.

What are common misconceptions of shared parenting?

Whether it is a painful or a mutual end, the end of a marriage is never easy. And while an amicable departure can lead to fair and quickly resolved divorce issues, it may not help with more challenging issues, such as family law issues. With regards to child custody, some divorcing parents find it challenging to accept the shared parenting trend. Some divorcing parents base their initiative for sole custody on fallacies surrounding joint custody.

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