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February 2018 Archives

What is a prenuptial agreement?

It is not uncommon when famous celebrities divorce to read that they shared a prenuptial agreement and that the terms of their property division and financial affairs would be settled according to that document. However, prenuptial agreements serve the interests of all individuals, not just those with significant wealth or notoriety. This post will briefly address what a Virginia couple can do with a prenuptial agreement and what provisions cannot be included in this type of contract.

Shared parenting trend influencing lawmakers

For most parents in Virginia and elsewhere, parenting is a collaborative effort. In some way or another, each parent takes on a role to help parent the child. When this occurs, each parent seeks to maintain the same role they had during the marriage when divorce ensues. Typically, fathers were awarded visitation every other weekend or even just one weekend a month. However, this trend has changed in the recent years, as parents seek a shared custody arrangement.

Virginia Senate passes bill addressing sexting penalties

Being accused of a crime is difficult, but facing criminal allegations when you are a juvenile could be life-altering. While juveniles typically face penalties that are not as harsh when compared to adult offenders, the consequences could hinder a juvenile's ability to get an education or obtain a job in the career field that they want. Because of this, the penalties for some crimes can alter over time.

Helping you initiate a criminal defense strategy

It can be overwhelming to be charged with a crime. Further, it can shocking to be arrested for a criminal allegation. Virginia residents might not know what to do in these situations, as they are sometimes numb from the emotions. Additionally, the accused may not be very optimistic in these matters since the evidence against them may be piling up. While it might seem like the state has a strong case against you, the evidence needs to be examined. Furthermore, there might be defense strategies available to poke holes in the prosecution's case.

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