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What constitutes domestic violence in Virginia?

Domestic violence oftentimes involves domination and the capacity of one person to force the other to submit to the aggressor's will. There are five broad categories of behavior that Virginia recognizes as domestic violence.

First, domestic violence may take on the form of physical abuse. It can involve pushing, hitting and punching on the part of the aggressor against the victim, but it also may involve the use of weapons or other devices to inflict physical harm on the victim.

Second, domestic violence can be sexual abuse. Rape and forced sexual contact are methods that aggressors can use to control the people that they are in relationships with.

Third, domestic violence can be emotional harm. An aggressor may seek to convince their victim that the victim has no value or worth. The aggressor may insult or threaten the victim and their loved ones. Emotional abuse can involve humiliation.

Fourth, domestic violence may be neglect. Neglect occurs when a person simply stops taking care of what they are responsible for. In the case of domestic violence, the aggressor may stop supporting and caring for their victim.

Finally, domestic violence can be financial. Through the use of money an aggressor can exert power over their victim and may stop a victim from seeking independence through the acquisition of their own job. D is not just one thing. It is a pattern of damaging and dangerous behaviors that can deprive victims of their self-worth, happiness and freedom. Victims of domestic violence are encouraged to seek family law support and assistance with obtaining relief from their aggressors.

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