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Severe penalties apply when drivers' BACs are high

In Virginia and many other states throughout the nation, a person is considered to be driving while under the influence of alcohol if their blood alcohol concentration is at or above .08 percent. But, the laws surrounding DUI can be significantly more complex. It is important to understand that this is a threshold level. Those facing DUI charges could face a more specific driving crime: aggravated drunk driving based on an elevated blood alcohol concentration.

An aggravated drunk driving charge in Virginia may be pursued against a person if their BAC at the time of their arrest was at or above .15 percent. While all DUI charges are serious, aggravated drunk driving charges are significant in that they may be penalized with longer prison terms, higher fines and other serious consequences.

Allegations of a driver's significantly high BAC can be difficult to overcome when the individual is facing charges in court. They may not know how to put forth a defense to the alleged evidence that law enforcement officials obtained from them when they were arrested, or that the prosecutor wants to use to convict them of a serious aggravated DUI charge. It is in these difficult scenarios a person can benefit from working with a legal professional who knows what is on the line.

DUI defense lawyers understand the proper procedures that prosecutors and law enforcement officials must follow to properly put forth evidence at trial. They know the defenses that Virginia laws recognize to drunk driving charges and, with the help of their clients, they can zealously provide representation of individuals who are confronted with serious aggravated DUI charges.

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