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Criminal defense lawyers are advocates for their clients' rights

The legal system is adversarial. Whether Virginia residents finds themselves in civil or criminal court, they will likely feel overwhelmed by the procedural and technical requirements that their cases will be subjected to as they move through the court system. They will have to come up with effective and truthful ways to present their case and they will have to potentially face punishment if they fail in their efforts. However, a failure in the civil courts may result in the imposition that the individual pays damages, while a failure in the criminal courts could deprive a person of their personal freedom.

Criminal convictions can and do result in incarceration. Depending upon the crime the individual is accused of committing, they could face a few days in jail for a conviction or their life behind the bars of a prison. A criminal conviction can also result in a person losing other rights that may affect their abilities to find work and live their lives as they wish once they have been released from their periods of confinement.

There are no guarantees in the legal system, whether a person is in the civil courts or the criminal courts. However, when the very serious threat of imprisonment is in front of a person it is in their interests to do whatever they can to confront and challenge the claims. Not many people feel confident to take such aggressive actions on their own and for that reason many choose to work with criminal defense attorneys to advocate for their rights.

Boyce, Leahy & Francescon is a Manassas-based law firm that provides criminal defense services to clients throughout Northern Virginia. The attorneys of the firm understand that their clients' futures depend on their cases' outcomes and, for that reason, they approach their cases with dedication, attention to detail and commitment. The attorneys of the firm are prepared to discuss new cases with those who seek advocates for their rights.

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