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Drunk driving charges are common during the holiday season

One of the best parts of winter is getting to celebrate a variety of fun and family-centered holidays. Even when bad weather plagues the greater Manassas community, residents can still look forward to good times with good people as Christmas, New Year's and other celebrations come up on their calendars.

Oftentimes when people get together and celebrate there are opportunities for them to enjoy good food and to drink good drinks. But, if they choose to drink alcoholic beverages they may put themselves at risk of legal troubles if they get behind the wheel of their car before their drinks have had time to process through their systems. Drunk driving charges are common during the holiday season since people choose to celebrate with alcohol and then must get themselves home.

However, not every person who is stopped on suspicion of drunk driving is intoxicated or should be assessed for impairment. It is possible for law enforcement officials to erroneously detect alcohol in an unaffected individual or to fail to follow proper suspected DUI or DWI procedures when assessing a person for drunk driving.

Individuals rights can be violated in these situations and when drunk driving stops in these circumstances happen there are opportunities for law enforcement officials to make improper arrests. A person who is charged with drunk driving during the holiday season can be well served to investigate their charges and to explore the defenses they may have to their pending legal dilemmas. At our law firm, we do our best to answer our clients' questions and help them build their defense plans to counteract their drunk driving allegations.

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