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An overview of virtual visitation

A parent who lives with their child or lives in the same community as their child can attend the child's sporting events, concerts, recitals and other important activities that the child participates in. Parents in Virginia who have close physical proximity to their children can see them on holidays, take them out to dinner and generally maintain close relationships with the kids they love, even after a divorce.

Unfortunately, not all parents have the luxury of being able to hug their children before going to bed each night. Some parents, whether due to separation or divorce and the circumstances of their personal lives, may not have custody of their kids and may have to live great distances away from them as well. This can be the case if a parent is a member of the military and required to live on base, if a parent has to move for their job or if a parent relocates for a new relationship.

If a child cannot stay with a parent and a parent cannot move to be near the child it can be incredibly difficult for their relationship to thrive. However, as technology has become an ever increasingly important part of Americans' lives, it has also opened doors to communication that can connect people across great distances. Today, some parents and kids are able to stay connected through virtual visitation, a visitation arrangement that uses FaceTime, texting, Skype and other communication tools to allow parents and children to see each other and speak in real time.

In most cases, it is better for a child to have actual in-person face time with their parent, but this arrangement is a luxury that not all families can enjoy. Virtual visitation is a relatively new phenomenon in the family law courts that may offer parents and their kids in Virginia a new way of staying in contact when physical distances keep them apart.

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