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November 2017 Archives

Can my ex-spouse move our child out-of-state?

It can be hard on both a parent and their child when divorce or separation causes them to live in separate households. Parents in Virginia who do not have physical custody of their children may feel as though they are missing out when they do not get to see their children each and every day. While options like virtual visitation may give parents more access to their kids when they are not in the same physical space, the distance between a parent and child can be hard to overcome.

Drunk driving charges are common during the holiday season

One of the best parts of winter is getting to celebrate a variety of fun and family-centered holidays. Even when bad weather plagues the greater Manassas community, residents can still look forward to good times with good people as Christmas, New Year's and other celebrations come up on their calendars.

Factors that may invalidate a prenuptial agreement

People often view prenuptial agreements as a bulletproof means of protecting their financial and property-based assets in the event that their pending marriages end in divorce. Through a prenuptial agreement, a couple in Virginia may establish a support plan, decide who will keep the house and other key pieces of real estate and determine if and how shared accounts may be separated as the couple's marriage comes to an end. Prenuptial agreements cannot make any arrangements regarding children, such as custody or support, and if they do those provisions may be invalidated.

What is a plea bargain or plea negotiation?

When Virginia residents are charged with a crime they may anticipate that their criminal law experience will be limited to defending themselves against their pending charges. While in some cases defendants choose to go to trial and have their sides of their cases heard by judges and juries, in other cases defendants and their criminal defense attorneys choose to engage in plea negotiations to mitigate the sanctions pending against the defendants and to speed up the process of coming to resolutions in their cases.

An overview of virtual visitation

A parent who lives with their child or lives in the same community as their child can attend the child's sporting events, concerts, recitals and other important activities that the child participates in. Parents in Virginia who have close physical proximity to their children can see them on holidays, take them out to dinner and generally maintain close relationships with the kids they love, even after a divorce.

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