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The right approach to a contentious divorce

No one expects that their marriage will end in divorce, but, unfortunately, many marital unions in Virginia wind up meeting their ends in the courts of the Commonwealth. It is not uncommon for some couples to simply grow apart and mutually agree that the partners would be better off without each other in their lives. These amicable divorces can have their own complications, but may proceed without the overwhelming stresses that contentious divorces deliver.

A contentious divorce is one in which the parties cannot find agreement on the major issues of the marital dissolution. They may fight over how custody of their kids should be split, who should keep the house, if either should receive support from the other and a host of other important subjects. They may battle over other non-divorce related issues too, and the pressures of the animosity may make completing their divorce a next-to-impossible task.

When communicating becomes impossible, divorcing parties can find themselves at an impasse. They need to move their negotiations forward, but they may not know how to make such advances occur. With the help of an experienced divorce litigator, Virginia residents may be able to find the right approach to a contentious divorce.

It is unlikely that a divorce will occur without any conflict whatsoever, but when a Manassas resident has a competent, confident legal professional supporting their efforts to end their marriage then they can find peace in the progress that they make. The attorneys of Boyce, Leahy & Francescon are ready to stand behind their family law clients no matter how challenging their cases may become.

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