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What are the consequences for a DUI conviction in Virginia?

Drunk driving is considered a crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For that reason, individuals who are charged with allegedly operating their motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol and drugs can face serious legal penalties if they are convicted of the alleged crimes. This post will briefly introduce the penalties for first and second DUI convictions in Virginia. Readers who have questions about their pending drunk driving charges should speak with criminal defense attorneys who can advise them of their rights and options.

The first time someone is arrested for drunk driving and is convicted of their charge, they can face a fine. That fine will be at least $250 and can be higher depending upon the facts of the individual's DUI case. In addition to a fine, a person convicted of their first DUI can also lose their driver's license for an entire year.

The penalties for a second time DUI conviction are more severe. Like a first time conviction, a second time DUI conviction brings a fine, but at this level its minimum is twice that of the first time conviction: $500. The driver's license may be revoked for up to three years and the driver may be sent to jail for up to an entire year.

If a person's two DUI convictions occur within a decade of each other the individual may have to spend a certain number of days in jail as a consequence for their alleged actions. As a person accumulates more DUI convictions the penalties that they may face rise. It is in the interest of individuals facing DUI charges to zealously defend themselves to work against convictions so that they may protect their rights and futures from potentially life-altering criminal sanctions.

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