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September 2017 Archives

What are the consequences for a DUI conviction in Virginia?

Drunk driving is considered a crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For that reason, individuals who are charged with allegedly operating their motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol and drugs can face serious legal penalties if they are convicted of the alleged crimes. This post will briefly introduce the penalties for first and second DUI convictions in Virginia. Readers who have questions about their pending drunk driving charges should speak with criminal defense attorneys who can advise them of their rights and options.

The breathtaking results of Virginia’s ignition interlock law

Scott Leamon used to think that Roanoke was the worst of the worst when it came to DUIs in Virginia. Ten years later, the crime prevention specialist for the city’s police department believes that ramped up enforcement, education and awareness has made a significant difference in reducing local drunk driving arrests.

Complications are possible during the stepparent adoption process

During a traditional adoption a birth mother and birth father agree to relinquish their legal rights to their child so that another person or couple is able to create a legal relationship with the youth and raise the child as a member of their family. For this type of adoption to occur, many legal steps must be followed to ensure that everyone's rights have been protected. The process can be quite lengthy. Some Northern Virginia families engage in a very different type of adoption process that often requires fewer steps, but can be subject to complications just the same.

A criminal defense strategy can protect your legal rights

Boyce, Leahy & Francescon Lawyers, a Northern Virginia law firm, provides criminal defense services to individuals facing criminal charges in the Manassas area. Their committed attorneys understand the severity of criminal accusations and are prepared to advocate for their clients' freedom and rights to attempt to ensure that they are granted fair trials and just proceedings as they face their charges.

What are the requirements for seeking a divorce in Virginia?

An individual who has lived and resided in Virginia for at least six months prior to filing their paperwork for divorce may seek to use the Commonwealth's courts to complete the dissolution of their marriage. In Virginia a person may base their divorce on a ground of fault or may pursue a no fault divorce if they have been separated from their spouse for at least one year.

Defenses to claims of sexual assault and rape

An accusation of sexual assault or rape is a very serious legal matter. Virginia residents who find themselves facing theses serious criminal charges are encouraged to take these allegations seriously and consult with criminal defense legal professionals as soon as possible to take immediate action to protect their rights and begin planning their defense strategies. As every criminal case is different it is not possible for readers to use this post as legal advice; consultation with attorneys is the best way for readers to receive case-specific help with their particular needs.

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