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A prenuptial agreement can be an important family law tool

While many Manassas residents consider marriage to be a spiritual or emotional bond of two people together it is actually a change in the legal status of the parties who choose to wed. The status of "married" bestows upon the partners certain rights and responsibilities to each other and their property. For example, married individuals generally have the right to inherit property from their partners in the event their partners predecease them.

However, in some circumstances individuals may wish to limit or control which of their assets their partners may collect in the event that their marriages do not last. If a couple divorces then the property they share will be divided between them and, without a prior agreement about how such a division should be completed, a court may settle property matters between the former partners in a way that challenges their desires.

Prior to marrying couples may enter into prenuptial agreements which spell out just these terms and conditions. They may decide who will carry the burdens for debts incurred prior to their marriage and they may stipulate who will be financially responsible for certain obligations during their marriage. They outline their desires for the disposition of their property upon their deaths and they may protect their own assets in the event their marriages fail.

Many couples can benefit from having prenups in place, from young couples entering into their first marriages to individuals who have been married before and wish to protect their assets for children from prior relationships. Prenuptial agreements can be important family law tools and those readers who wish to explore how prenups may serve them are encouraged to discuss their questions with attorneys in their communities.

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