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August 2017 Archives

Bitter child custody battle keeps tennis star off of the court

Virginians who follow international tennis may notice that one powerful player is missing from this year's women's U.S. Open: Victoria Azarenka. The 28-year-old former world number 1 player will not be competing in the Grand Slam event due to an ongoing child custody dispute with the father of her young son.

Back-to-school parties may lead to drunk driving arrests

It is that time of year again when the campuses of Virginia's fine colleges and universities begin to awake with new life. Students are beginning to arrive at their institutions of higher learning, professors are finalizing their class syllabi and retailers are stocking up on college gear for the upcoming terms. August and September can be some exciting months in the lives of young people arriving back at their schools after summers away. They can also times when young adults celebrate with those they have not seen since the prior academic year.

Is it possible to receive sole custody of my child?

In the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts of Virginia a parent may receive sole custody of their child if a court determines such a child custody plan is in the child's best interests. This post will discuss in brief some of the considerations a court must make before deciding if a parent should have sole custody or share custody jointly with the child's other parent; readers are cautioned, though, to seek their own family law counsel as this post is only an overview of a broad legal topic. It does not provide legal advice.

A prenuptial agreement can be an important family law tool

While many Manassas residents consider marriage to be a spiritual or emotional bond of two people together it is actually a change in the legal status of the parties who choose to wed. The status of "married" bestows upon the partners certain rights and responsibilities to each other and their property. For example, married individuals generally have the right to inherit property from their partners in the event their partners predecease them.

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