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Police plan DUI checkpoint in Fairfax County

Many suspected DUI and DWI stops are performed when Virginia law enforcement officials believe that drivers are operating their motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. When they encounter suspected drunk drivers police officers may pursue them, stop them, and subject them to sobriety tests that challenge their balance and coordination or that provide data on their levels of intoxication through the collection of breath, blood, and urine samples.

Police can check for drunk drivers in another way: sobriety checkpoints. A sobriety checkpoint, also called a DUI checkpoint, involves police officers locating themselves at a designated intersection or location and then stopping drivers at set intervals to check them for intoxication. DUI checkpoints do not target particular drivers but are intended to serve as a means of checking for safe driving practices within a community.

Fairfax County law enforcement officials recently announced that they will be conducting a DUI checkpoint in nearby McLean in the near future. There has not been an announcement on where the checkpoint will be set up but it will occur one night over the weekend.

Drivers who are stopped in DUI checkpoints do not lose their rights simply because they have been brought face to face with police officers. Just as drivers in traditional suspected drunk driving stops may seek the counsel of DUI and criminal defense attorneys if they are arrested, so too may drivers who are arrested for suspected DUI during checkpoints. DUI checkpoints must abide by certain procedural rules and must be executed properly otherwise the evidence that is collected against an alleged drunk driver may not be admissible during their DUI or drunk driving trial.

Source:, "DUI Checkpoint This Friday In McLean District," Emily Leayman, July 25, 2017

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