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Understanding grand larceny charges

Being accused of theft is a serious accusation. Whether it is something small or something large, stealing something can result in serious criminal consequences. Facing theft allegations could tarnish a person's reputation as his or her criminal history could seep into their personal or professional life. Thus, it is important for individuals to not only understand the crime they are charged with but also the potential penalties he or she could face. This could help them take the steps needed to initiate and progress an aggressive criminal defense.

Typically, grand larceny means that a larger amount of money or property of value was stolen. In some states it actually equates to $1000. However, Virginia is different when it comes to this criminal statute,

Key aspects of Virginia's DUI court

When people struggle with addictions, it can lead to poor choices. For those battling alcoholism, facing DUI charges may be a common repercussion. 

The courts acknowledge this and have programs that may benefit such parties. People who face DUI charges and are considering seeking this program should be aware of a few key aspects.

What types of protective orders are available in Virginia?

While no family is perfect, there are some negative events that should not exist in a health family relationship. Although disputes happen, most take the time to resolve these issues, especially if they are important to the members of the family. Unfortunately, some family members take these disputes to an extreme level. This can be damaging for the other family members, even constituting abuse.

Whether it is verbal, emotional or physical, there are protective steps one can take to protect him or herself from an abuser. Restraining and protective orders are available, and these legal documents issued by a judge help protect the health and safety of an alleged victim. A protective order is used to protect against any act of violence, by force or threat, which either results in bodily injuries or puts an individual in the fear of injury.

Protecting one's rights during a child custody dispute

No marriage is ironclad. Even when spouses in Virginia and elsewhere take steps to better the marriage and resolve any marital disputes, this does not protect them from the possibility of divorce. Even when children are involved, their presence does not mean the marriage will last or parents will remain together because they have children together. With the divorce rate remaining around 50 percent, the reality is that parents might be faced with marital problems and difficult decisions.

One of the hardest divorce issues to address during dissolution is child custody. It is never easy to consider a future that does not allow a parent to see their children as often as one has since the day they were born, the reality is that many divorcing parents reach a custody arrangement that is close to 50-50.

The criminal procedures of a criminal case

When individuals in Virginia and elsewhere are charged with a crime for the first time, they are likely unsure what to expect. Sure, he or she has probably seen this situation play out in a movie or television show. But, reality is much different than what is portrayed on the screen. Thus, it is important that all criminal defendants take the time to understand the process they are about to go through and how a defense strategy could help them obtain a favorable result.

Most criminal defendants are charged with a crime and placed under arrest. This can be an emotional, overwhelming and scary time. However, taking the time to remember the details of this event could help with the defense process. If certain legal procedures are not followed, this could open up defense opportunities claiming an unlawful arrest.

Why are prenups more common now than ever before?

Getting married is often a goal for most individuals living in Virginia and elsewhere. However, it is more common to get married well into adulthood. Because people today are not getting married young as often as they used to, couples are uniting with more wealth and property. Because of that, it is becoming more important to protect assets by including a prenuptial agreement in a marriage.

Why are prenups more common now? Millennials tend to put off marriage until later in life. This is a major difference when compared with previous generations. This results in spouses having solidified careers, large assets and property. Because of this, it is becoming more important to take steps to protect what they built before married life.

Bus driver faces is arrested on two charges following bus crash

When driving a motor vehicle, motorists in Virginia and elsewhere are required to follow the rules of the road while operating a vehicle. For commercial drivers operating a truck or a bus, these drivers are set to a higher standard, especially if they are transporting passengers in the massive vehicle. Failing to meet these standards does not only cause civil liabilities but could impose criminal penalties on the driver.

According to recent reports, a bus driver from Georgia faces two criminal charges following a crash in southwest Virginia. Based on police reports, the bus was traveling from West Georgia Technical College on northbound I-81 in Pulaski. An accident occurred when the bus drifted into the right lane. This resulted in the bus side-swiping a tractor-trailer, causing the bus then to run off the left side of the road.

What are common misconceptions of shared parenting?

Whether it is a painful or a mutual end, the end of a marriage is never easy. And while an amicable departure can lead to fair and quickly resolved divorce issues, it may not help with more challenging issues, such as family law issues. With regards to child custody, some divorcing parents find it challenging to accept the shared parenting trend. Some divorcing parents base their initiative for sole custody on fallacies surrounding joint custody.

What are common misconceptions of shared parenting? Those arguing against shared parenting are often misguided by the available information or are seeking reasons to pursue sole custody. Whatever the reason for using this information, it is important to sort through facts from fiction.

Dividing assets and debts are major tasks in any divorce

First you and your spouse decide to divorce. Then you must decide how to divide not only the assets you have acquired, but the debts as well.

Virginia is an equitable distribution state, where the goal is fair division of assets and debts, not necessarily a 50-50 split. Depending on your level of wealth or the length of your marriage, property division can be somewhat complicated in the Commonwealth.

What is a prenuptial agreement?

It is not uncommon when famous celebrities divorce to read that they shared a prenuptial agreement and that the terms of their property division and financial affairs would be settled according to that document. However, prenuptial agreements serve the interests of all individuals, not just those with significant wealth or notoriety. This post will briefly address what a Virginia couple can do with a prenuptial agreement and what provisions cannot be included in this type of contract.

Prenuptial agreements, often shortened to prenups, are contracts that people create prior to marrying each other. They can be used to sort out the financial aspects of a marriage as well as to establish property rights in the parties. When people get married their earnings and property can become comingled and turned into marital property; marital property is subject to division when a couple divorces and therefore in a prenup the parties may stipulate what property and assets will remain the sole property of the parties.

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