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Man charged with gun crimes, DUI and more

Citizens in Manassas and Virginia believe in their gun rights and owning and possessing these weapons lawfully. When there is responsible and legal use of guns, there is no reason for law enforcement to intervene. However, when there are allegations of a person committing gun crimes, it is inevitable that they will face legal issues because of it. Some of these crimes lead to a chain reaction with other reasons for an arrest. Since weapons-related infractions are taken so seriously in the world today, people arrested for gun crimes must take the initiative and have a strong criminal defense to avoid the worst possible penalties.

A confrontation between a man and a woman ended with the man being arrested for gun crimes. Law enforcement went to the scene at around 2:30 p.m. The man, 38, was arguing with a 46-year-old woman at a residence. She was talking to him through a window. As the dispute escalated, he took out a gun and fired shots toward her. Before police got there, he fled.

Drug charges in Virginia require experienced legal help

Law enforcement and legislators are invested in reducing the number of drug crimes that occur throughout our state. With that, there will be a rise in how these crimes are enforced. The news is filled with stories about people overdosing on opioids either in prescription medication or in street drugs like heroin. The problem is widespread. Other drugs are also worrisome for those in authority and society in general. However, simply because an arrest was made on drug charges does not automatically indicate that the person is guilty.

Whether it is a low-level drug crime or something as serious as distribution and trafficking, having legal assistance to formulate a defense is a must. When there is a conviction for drug crimes, the penalties can range from fines to an extended jail sentence. Even when it is a small amount and a moderate punishment, the aftereffects of an arrest and conviction can negatively impact a person's life forever. The kind of drugs the person is charged with possessing or selling are critical to the level of charges they will face. This must also be considered when planning the defense.

The government is cracking down on opioid production

In 2016, Governor Terry McAuliffe called opioid addiction in Virginia a public health emergency, and the federal government has announced a plan to limit the manufacture of prescription opioids.

Prescription drugs are not the only problem, however. There are also synthetic opioids, which can be even more dangerous than the real thing.

Pennsylvania woman charged with drunk driving in Virginia

People who are in Virginia and arrested on drunk driving charges should understand how the state handles these acts. This is especially true if it is a person who is not from Virginia. Facing penalties for DWI can be a troublesome time with concerns about the possibility of a license suspension, steep fines, jail time, higher insurance rates and other negatives that will impact a person's life. When the allegations include driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with children in the vehicle, the case is even more serious making it of greater importance to have legal assistance to defend against the allegations.

A woman from Pennsylvania was arrested in Virginia for DUI. She was driving a minivan and had two children riding with her at the time. According to the investigation, law enforcement was called when a woman was said to be leaning over the vehicle's steering wheel at a fast food establishment. When the officer got to the scene, the woman, 35, was seen behaving strangely and moving in a frantic way. The officer stated that the woman seemed nervous. Her eyes were bloodshot and her pupils were pinpoint - believed to be a sign of being under the influence.

In a drunk driving case, can a breath test be questioned?

For Manassas residents and people throughout Virginia who are facing drunk driving charges, these allegations are often based on a breath test that is administered by a law enforcement officer. While this is a known method to determine the blood-alcohol concentration, drivers should be aware that even if it registers that they are under the influence and have violated state law, there are avenues to call the test into question. This can go beyond the results and into whether the person who administered the test had the qualifications to do so. Knowing what credentials are necessary is an important part of using this defense.

For the breath test to be usable and valid in a prosecution, the individual giving the test is required to have a valid license for doing so. The equipment used and the methods to use them must follow the guidelines as they are laid out. A training program will be given to those who are going to administer the breath tests in the field. Once that training program has been completed as required, the license to give the test will be granted.

Woman faces multiple drunk driving charges with children in car

Drunk driving charges in Virginia can yield significant penalties should there be a conviction. Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, the charges can be far worse with consequences that can impact a person in a personal and professional way. This is especially true if the arrest is made while the driver has children in the vehicle. With a more complicated situation, it becomes even more important to have advice and help from an experienced DUI attorney.

A 26-year-old woman was arrested for DUI and other charges after she was found with two children in the vehicle. In the afternoon at about 12:15 p.m., law enforcement was informed of a vehicle moving in an erratic fashion. The car was said to be crashing into the median on the road. Its front bumper was dragging. When police tried to stop her, she went into the opposite lanes and then back to the appropriate lanes.

What if I face drunk driving charges a second time in Virginia?

In Virginia, people who are stopped by law enforcement and charged with drunk driving might have a previous conviction for driving under the influence on their record. When this happens, it is important to understand that the penalties for a second offense are harsher than they are for the first. Knowing how state law views those who are charged a second time and what the possible penalties are if there is a conviction can be a foundational part of a defense.

The penalties for a second offense are contingent on how much time has passed from the prior incident. If there is a second offense and it happens in fewer than five years since the first offense, the person will be fined a minimum of $500 and be incarcerated for a minimum of one month and up to one year. Twenty days is the mandatory minimum. Should the second offense happen within five to 10 years after the first offense, the person will be fined $500, there will be incarceration for a minimum of one month with 10 days the mandatory minimum.

Man faces gun crimes after allegedly brandishing it in restaurant

Law enforcement in Manassas and throughout Virginia take gun crimes seriously. When a person is accused of engaging in illegal behaviors with a gun, it is dangerous and can lead to injuries and death. For those who are confronted with allegations of gun crimes, the criminal justice system can assess fines, give them extensive jail time and leave them with a criminal record that can hinder their lives long after the incident. Having help from a law firm that is experienced in assisting with criminal defense is essential to handling the case.

A 24-year-old man was arrested after allegedly waving a gun at restaurant patrons. The incident occurred after midnight and law enforcement was called. After the man brandished the gun and issued threats to people in the establishment, he fled. Police found him in a vehicle close to the restaurant and placed him under arrest. He faces several charges in addition to the gun charge including being a fugitive and for public intoxication.

What is an administrative license suspension with DUI offenses?

Virginia law enforcement and legislators are vigilant in their attempt to reduce the frequency of drivers operating their vehicles under the influence and will assess various penalties to those who are convicted of these offenses. Many of the penalties come about after a conviction with the possibility of jail time, steep fines, a driver's license suspension and more. Understanding when various penalties are given and having legal help to lodge a defense is key as some of the punishments happen immediately depending on the situation.

There are administrative penalties that will be assessed immediately based on the circumstances. One is the administrative license suspension. With ALS, a driver who is charged with a first-offense DUI and/or refuses to submit to a breath test as the law requires will face an immediate suspension of driving privileges for seven days should the blood-alcohol concentration register 0.08 percent or more.

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