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Man faces criminal allegations for assault and property damage

In Manassas, there are often unusual criminal allegations that result in people being arrested and faced a litany of charges. Not every case is the same, though, which is why it is important for those who are charged to understand their rights and how to build a strong criminal defense. Some of the most complicated cases involve domestic disputes that spiral out of control, involve other people who had nothing to do with the situation, and escalate into property damage. For those dealing with police investigations into their behavior and an arrest, it is critical to call for a defense attorney immediately.

A 38-year-old man may need to do so after he was arrested on several charges related to alleged violent incidents involving a woman. In November, the man had gone to a vehicle repair shop to confront a 25-year-old woman with whom he had had a domestic incident the previous day. She had driven to the shop to fix damage that had occurred during the incident. The man is an acquaintance of hers. Allegedly, when she drove in, the man pulled his vehicle in behind hers and rear-ended it repeatedly. He then fled.

How do driver’s license points work in Virginia?

Whether you have been driving for years or just received your first driver’s license, you have probably heard about Virginia’s point system. Virginia law handles driving privileges differently from other states. If you want to avoid a license suspension or revocation, you should know how motor vehicle infractions affect your driver’s license.

In Virginia, drivers may receive either safe points or demerit points. While safe points give you some wiggle room, if you accumulate too many demerits, you may lose your driving privileges. Here is everything you need to know about Virginia’s point system. 

Woman faces criminal charges after alleged assault

People will frequently get into arguments in Manassas. Sometimes these arguments escalate to the degree where somebody commits violence. This can lead to criminal allegations, an arrest, and the possibility of various penalties should there be a conviction. Some of these incidents will be unusual with people going to extreme lengths and committing serious assault. If this happens with a motor vehicle being used as a weapon, it can be a major problem not just for the victim, but for the person accused of committing the act. Having legal advice is vital for those who find themselves in this situation, as is the case in one recent incident.

There, a dispute between a man and a woman allegedly led to the woman attempting to run him over with a vehicle. Law enforcement was called in the mid-afternoon at around 2 p.m. They were told that an assault had taken place. According to the investigation, the 20-year-old woman had an argument with a 26-year-old man. Reports allege that the disagreement rose in intensity to the point where she hit him with her vehicle and then fled. She was later arrested on charges of hit-and-run and attempted malicious wounding, among other allegations. The man had minor injuries. The investigating is ongoing.

Man arrested for alleged sex offenses with 14-year-old girl

Sex offenses are serious accusations that can be levied against residents of Manassas and Virginia as a whole. Not only can a conviction on these charges impact a person's freedom with a long-term jail sentence, but it can also paint them in a negative light in the community. These penalties and the damage to one's reputation can be even worse when the person is accused of sex offenses against an underage person. Although these charges are serious and there will be an immediate reaction of anger at someone who is accused of these violations, an accused individual still deserves and must develop a strong criminal defense to deal with the charges.

A 28-year-old man who works at a local Boys & Girls Club was accused of sexual assault with a minor and arrested as a result. According to the investigation, the man was involved with a 14-year-old girl and there was inappropriate contact. They allegedly met at the club where he worked as an athletics coordinator. It is not believed that the assaults took place at the workplace. He faces charges of carnal knowledge with a child.

What are the penalties for transporting drugs into Virginia?

Virginia laws are tough on people who are convicted on drug charges. The severity of penalties these individuals can face in the event of a conviction depend on the allegations, but they are all quite serious. For example, a person who is arrested and charged with possession of marijuana will be less likely to face harsh penalties than a person who is accused of being involved in trafficking or distribution of controlled substances. When there is an allegation that a person has transported controlled substances into the Commonwealth, it is important to understand the possible consequences because they can be enormously problematic for an individual in the long-term.

If a person has transported at least one ounce of cocaine, coca leaves, or a derivative, compound, salt, or preparation of these items that have been described in the Drug Control Act under Schedule II, then a criminal offense separate from any other drug crime has occurred if the transportation occurred with the intent to sell or distribute those items. If an individual has transported one ounce of a Schedule I or II controlled substance or at least five pounds of marijuana and has done so with the intent to sell or distribute, then a legal violation has occurred that can lead to an arrest. Again, violating the law in this way will constitute a separate and distinct felony from any other drug charges, which may include federal drug charges.

Man arrested on sex offenses after touching acquaintance

Many people in Manassas and Virginia as a whole mistakenly believe that rape and child molestation constitute the entirety of chargeable sex crimes. Yet, this category of criminal offenses is actually much broader, and it even includes inappropriate touching.. For people who have been arrested for crimes related to allegations of inappropriately touching another person in a sexual way, having a legal defense from a firm that is experienced in these cases is imperative.

A man may need an aggressive defense after he was arrested for allegedly touching an acquaintance who was asleep. The man, 26, faces sexual battery charges. Law enforcement was called at approximately 7:30 a.m. when the woman, 23, asserted that the man had touched her in a sexual manner without her consent while she slept. Law enforcement investigated and arrested the man at his home.

Does my child need an attorney for juvenile court?

The juvenile justice system is separate from the adult criminal justice system. Juvenile courts handle cases for youths under the age of 18. Because there are public defenders available to handle juvenile cases, some parents wonder if they need to hire an attorney for their child's case in juvenile court.

There are several benefits to hiring an attorney who works with juveniles to help your child move through the juvenile court system. Because so much is at stake for your child if he or she is facing criminal charges as a minor, it is essential that he or she has the best possible chance of having a fair and equitable hearing in court with strong representation.

Can I face drug charges for reporting an overdose in Virginia?

With the opioid epidemic reaching treacherous proportions in Virginia and across the nation, people overdosing and what happens to those who are with them has become a source for debate. Those who are concerned about being arrested and charged with a drug offense for possessing and using drugs with another person may be deterred from taking life-saving actions when that other person overdoses.

There are laws for the safe reporting of overdoses that many might not be aware of, but which could make all the difference in these difficult situations. Knowing about these laws is important to save lives and to serve as a defense when there is an arrest on drug charges under these circumstance. An overdose refers to a condition that is deemed life-threatening after a person has consumed controlled substances. This goes beyond opioids and into alcohol, other drugs, or a combination of substances. When a person is facing prosecution for reporting an overdose when they have unlawfully purchased, possessed, or consumed alcohol or drugs, then they are shielded from legal consequences in certain circumstances.

Teen faces felony criminal charges after school shooting threat

Given the current climate in Virginia and across the U.S., there is enormous sensitivity to allegations of internet crimes and threats of violence made against people and institutions. While some of these threats are ill-advised jokes, others are legitimate and must be taken seriously. This will spark police investigations and a possible arrest even if the person accused of the offense did not actually carry out the threatened crimes. With that, an accused individual will need to think about a criminal defense in hopes of avoiding the harshest penalties.

A high school student may need a strong criminal defense after he was arrested for making threats against his school and an elementary school nearby. The student, a 15-year-old ninth grader, allegedly made the threats on social media. The post was on the photo sharing site Instagram and showed a picture of a weapon. The image was from the internet. As the case was investigated, it was determined that the student was not making credible threats as he did not have the items necessary to follow through. He has still been charged with felonies for making threats to school property. The investigation is ongoing to determine if anyone else was involved.

What is the law for shoplifting and theft in Virginia?

While major crimes in Virginia get attention in the news and with major police investigations, crimes that are considered lower level are even more common. This is because people are often more willing to take the risk to commit them. They might be under the impression that since they are not using a weapon, selling drugs, or involving themselves in crimes that are perceived as the worst imaginable, they will not be confronted with hefty penalties in the event they are arrested. This is an error in judgment.

One such crime is shoplifting. It is important for people to understand the law and what penalties they can face if they are charged and convicted for shoplifting. After all, this offense goes beyond simply putting a small item in one's pocket. If a person takes an item without paying the full price for it and does so to use for him or herself or for another to use, it is a crime. There are three categories in which a person can be arrested for this type of theft.

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