Property Division

When you divorce, you will disassemble the life that you built with your spouse. The marital home, the cars, the bank accounts, the investments — all of this valuable property that you accumulated over the years will need to be divided.

The legal team at Boyce, Leahy & Francescon, Lawyers, in Manassas, Virginia, provides experienced advocacy throughout divorce and property division proceedings. We recognize that you may have contributed to the marriage by being the main income earner or by supporting your spouse while working in the home. Your contribution is important, and we will strive to uphold your rights under Virginia's equitable distribution laws. Call us today to schedule a consultation (free for criminal and personal injury cases only) to learn more: 703-656-7349.

We Help You Understand The How's And Why's Of Property Division

The biggest conflict in most divorces is not whether to get divorced or who is at fault, but how to divide the marital assets and debts. We help clients understand the big picture of marital property — which assets are subject to division and the total value of the estate — and identify their priorities. From there, we can negotiate property settlement details regarding:

  • The marital residence and other real estate
  • Pensions and retirement savings
  • Bank accounts and investments
  • Vehicles and valuables
  • Loans, credit card debts and bills
  • Household possessions

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