Post-Decree Modifications

Many things can change in the years after a divorce is finalized — people can move, get new jobs, get remarried and experience any number of life events. When a substantial material change occurs, it may be necessary to seek a modification to an existing divorce decree.

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Which Parts Of The Divorce Decree Can Be Modified?

The main items that can be modified are usually:

  • Where your children live and the terms of visitation. Whether due to a parental relocation or an older child's desire to live with a different parent or spend more time with a parent, modification can be sought. The modification is not granted automatically, and as with initial determinations, the best interests of the children are always at the forefront of any decision.
  • How much child support you pay or receive. This item is virtually always reviewable due to income fluctuations and other financial changes.
  • How much you pay or receive for spousal support. Remarriage, a new job, job loss and other major changes may merit a modification.

Similar to divorce, modifications are approached with respect to the specific factors of each client. Whether you are seeking modification or contesting a change, our attorneys offer experienced and steadfast advocacy.

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