Child Support

Parents have a legal obligation to support their children financially. If you are a parent who is going through a divorce, you probably have questions about how much support you will be responsible for paying or how much support you will receive from the other parent.

At Boyce, Leahy & Francescon, Lawyers, in Manassas, Virginia, we guide parents through initial determinations of child support as well as issues that arise after a divorce is final. We are strong advocates for our clients, always seeking fair and accurate determinations and consistently placing the best interests of the children before anything else. Call us at 703-656-7349 to learn more in a consultation (free for criminal and personal injury cases only).

How Is Child Support Calculated?

Virginia imposes regulated guidelines on all parents when determining child support. The noncustodial parent will be required to pay child support, and the amount is determined by a formula. Child support guidelines are presumptive and not conclusive for the amount of the award. The following financial figures are used to calculate the amount of support:

  • Each parent's income
  • Child support to children from other relationships and marriages
  • Day care expenses
  • Health care expenses

The formula is straightforward. However, it is important to hire an experienced attorney who can represent your side of the matter and ensure that all financial factors are considered. In some instances, one party may not be entirely honest regarding his or her actual income. This can happen when someone is self-employed or owns a business, for example. Our law firm partners with the appropriate professionals who help us uncover the actual income.

At the end of the day, child support is for your children. Our goal is to determine the appropriate amount that protects their best interests.

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