Manassas DUI Defense Attorneys

A conviction for Virginia DUI/DWI can result in jail time and expensive fines, and Virginia DUI laws may mandate the suspension or revocation of your driver's license. At the law office of Boyce, Leahy & Francescon, Lawyers, we represent and defend clients arrested for DUI/DWI. Depending on your driving record and the circumstances surrounding your arrest, we may be able to reduce the charges or sentence against you. If there are strong reasons for calling into question the actions of arresting officers, we will challenge the evidence against you and the constitutionality of the decision to pull you over. As a former police officer, William Boyce has firsthand experience with the procedures and protocols that must be followed when pulling someone over for suspicion of DUI, how a field sobriety test must be administered, and what must be done to challenge the results of a breath or blood test. In many cases, we can help clients avoid the loss of their license and maximum sentencing when jail or fines are involved.

Don't wait until your license is suspended or revoked — contact DUI attorneys at the law office of Boyce, Leahy & Francescon, Lawyers, today and schedule a confidential consultation (free for criminal and personal injury cases only) to discuss how we can help you.

Potential Consequences Of A Virginia DUI Conviction

If you are convicted on a DUI/DWI or drunk driving charge, you face the following potential consequences:

  • Suspension or revocation of your driver's license
  • Fines of up to $2,500
  • Loss of security clearance at restricted governmental facilities
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Jail time
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device

Breath Tests Aren't Infallible — Questioning Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Breath tests measure the amount of alcohol in the body's blood by analyzing air from the lungs' air sacs. However, many factors can artificially inflate the breathalyzer BAC reading, or cast doubt on the results, including the officer's familiarity with the machine and the instructions given to the driver.

Additionally, if a breathalyzer isn't maintained regularly, its calibration could shift, making its results inaccurate. As your attorneys, we address these issues, requesting a maintenance manifest of the breathalyzer used in your arrest. We also look at the past testing history of a machine to see if there have been any malfunctions or "false-positive" readings recorded on it.

DUI Conviction — Negotiating A Reduction In Charges And Sentencing

In cases where a guilty plea makes the most sense, our attorneys explore options to avoid suspension of your driver's license, jail and expensive fines. In the event we are able to reduce the charges against you, we may also be able to help you avoid having points placed against your license.

To schedule a consultation (free for criminal and personal injury cases only) to discuss your case and how we can help you, contact DUI defense attorneys at the law office of Boyce, Leahy & Francescon, Lawyers, today.