DWI cases thrown out due to faulty dashboard video evidence

Virginia court rules dashboard videos crucial to DWI defense.

Motorists in Virginia arrested for DWI might not be aware of all of the possible defenses that they may have to contest these charges. Quite frequently, these individuals have never had any previous contact with the criminal justice system, and they are embarrassed about being arrested. They make a quick decision to enter a plea because they want to be able to move forward with their lives as soon as possible.

However, those that plead guilty will often find themselves facing extensive penalties which will only increase for future criminal convictions. A strong fight against these drunk driving charges requires the assistance of an experienced attorney who can review all of the facts in the case.

When reviewing all of the events that led to the charges, much of the early focus will be on the actions of law enforcement. Did the police have valid reason to stop the motorist? Did they follow all proper procedures during and after the traffic stop? Finding the answers to these questions is a key part of any defense, and fortunately, the use of dashboard video recording devices has made obtaining this evidence much easier for defendants.

Recently, a Virginia court recognized the importance of these tapes in DWI cases. Four motorists charged with DWI had their cases thrown out after analysis of the tapes showed questionable behaviors by law enforcement officers. Police frequently performed field sobriety tests and interviews off camera, without audio recordings, so the courts would not be able to determine if the motorist was actually impaired.

The judge threw these cases out because of these behaviors by police. While Virginia law does not require drunk driving stops to be filed, the court considers these tapes to be valuable evidence that defendants may use to support their claims.

Not every case will result in a dismissal. To learn more about the options that may be available to you, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. This will allow you to understand the evidence that the prosecution has against you, as well as the penalties attached to the charges you are facing.

You should be sure that your lawyer has experience handling DWI cases inside the courtroom. There are many situations where a DWI will need to go to trial, and you want to have someone on your side who understands how to attack the evidence against you. Prosecutors will be aggressive when seeking convictions and you have to be just as aggressive when protecting your rights.